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Confused? Scared? Uncertain?

If you are being held in custody due to a false allegation in a London police station we can help you immediately. We’re the London-based criminal law specialists that won’t rest until calm, normality and justice are in your life once again.

People can be arrested at all times of night or day, We have experienced solicitors on-call 24/7 who can act as your duty solicitor and attend a police interview immediately.

Please ask the duty sergeant to contact Stuart Miller Solicitors and they will contact us to represent you. If someone you know has been arrested you call our emergency number on 07980 000 076 and we will assist them.

Take early action against false allegations

Our goal is to end proceedings quickly and cleanly, before they go to trial.

Access us 24/7

Contact us for immediate assistance day or night via our emergency line.

Legal Aid help against false allegations

Understand the costs of winning and how we can take the pressure off.

Search for a specific offence

Since 1984, we have seen and won cases like yours every day.

Now we can help you with yours.

Be treated like a human, not a case number

You don’t have to fight this battle alone, feel humiliated or judged. We see the person behind the false allegations. We understand your daily struggles and the challenges false allegations can bring.

Get the support you need – legally, emotionally, and financially. From Legal Aid help to the courtroom, we’re committed to your well-being.

At a time of increased stress and emotion, I felt secure knowing that I had a capable representative sitting next to me in the interview protecting my interests and allowing the truth to come through.

- Soaqlb

Reassurance and clarity in the midst of chaos

What do i need to do now? What happens next? How does this work? Get clarity about what it will take to win your case, from the processes to the costs. If you’re in a police station right now, we’re available to provide answers and engage immediately 24/7.

The many meetings we had at your offices always comforted me; however it’s your process and out of hours support that assisted me the most, both in preparation and emotionally. Being able to contact you at any time out of office hours was critical for me mentally.

- Pete

Fast-acting experts experienced with your case

Our team has a track record of over 2,000 wins. We take early action and strive to end investigations quickly without matters ever reaching Court – to save you the torment and strain of prosecution.

From the first moment I felt a sense of urgency for my case and a real concern for the outcome, I knew that no matter how my case turned out, Gabriel was putting 110% forward for me. He worked incredibly hard on my case as I received emails at 11pm on Saturday nights. He came in during his days off to meet with me and to prepare for the case because it was one of the few days that I was available.

- Drew

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