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Our lawyers were able to successfully avoid a custodial sentence for our client, by convincing the jury of his guilt and remorse. Thus, we were able to ensure that our client was free to work on himself and change his ways, rather than needlessly suffer in a prison cell.

Mr. G had the habit of speaking to strangers in online chatrooms, despite the dangers that could pose. He was later arrested for sexual communication with a minor, after falling victim to a sting operation held by undercover police officers.  

Upon contacting us, our defence lawyers immediately sprang to action, and meticulously analysed all submitted evidence of this sexual communication offence, to determine the legality of the sting operation and the arrest. Our defence solicitors also worked closely with our client and his family, and witnessed first-hand our client’s guilt, his remorse, and his willingness to learn this lesson and change. Determined for our client to face justice, our defence lawyers crafted empathetic legal strategies that highlighted Mr. X’s loving relationship with his friends and family, and his willingness to attend rehabilitation programmes.  

During the trial, Mr. X pled guilty to the sexual communication offence, in order to receive a more lenient sentence. Our defence solicitors succinctly argued against any custodial sentences, pointing to the mountain of evidence that showed our client’s deep guilt and willingness to change. Moved by their empathetic legal strategies, the judge agreed to show mercy, and imposed a 24-month suspended jail term, resulting in our client avoiding jail, and being given the chance to learn from his mistakes and grow as a person.  

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