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Mr X was arrested for running a prostitution ring, after CCTV footage showed him sitting in a car, mere yards away from a sex worker. The footage also showed him talking to the sex worker after she finished with her customers, and allegedly slipped her a condom. After his arrest, he was also charged with a human trafficking conspiracy charge, as the police believed that he was a high-ranking local gang member.  

After contacting us, our defence solicitors immediately took point, determined to prove his innocence after multiple false charges and false prostitution allegations. Our defence lawyers immediately began their own investigation, obtaining character and witness statements from friends and family, reviewing CCTV footage and obtaining interview recordings to ensure the legality of the arrest and the interview. During this time, our defence lawyers formulated an excellent legal strategy that highlighted our client’s good nature, pointed out the flaws in the prosecution’s case, and used mobile phone evidence to quash the added charge of human trafficking. 

During the trial, our defence solicitors succinctly defended our client, pointing out the overwhelming evidence about his character and the fact that he was moving away from the location, and was clearly not involved in the trade of prostitution. Faced with the facts, the judge ruled that the charge of human trafficking had no basis in reality. Following this, the jury immediately acquitted him on all charges.  

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