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Our promise to you

In your time of greatest need, Stuart Miller Solicitors are here to defend you just as we have for high-profile Criminal Offence cases since 1984. We’re ready 24/7 to dig our teeth in, leave no angle overlooked and tenaciously fight to return your life to the way it was.


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Victory isn’t just on outcome. It’s a process that begins with our core values.

  • Determined

    Going the extra mile to give you the best chance of a better future.

  • Responsive

    Readily accessible when you need us most – 24/7 secure WhatsApp messaging.

  • Empathetic

    Treating you like a human with trust, understanding, and respect.

  • Specialised

    Directly focusing on Criminal Law cases, no matter the complexity.

  • Modernised

    Fluent in the use of tech, social media, and computer evidence to build your case.

  • Proactive

    Taking early action to end proceedings as early as possible.

Because of Gabriel, I got to move on with my life.

From the first moment I felt a sense of urgency for my case and a real concern for the outcome, I knew that no matter how my case turned out, Gabriel was putting 110% forward for me. He worked incredibly hard on my case as I received emails at 11pm on Saturday nights. He came in during his days off to meet with me and to prepare for the case because it was one of the few days that I was available.

- Drew

Our process eliminates the dread

If engaged early enough, we can begin defending your case at a pivotal point; the recorded police station interview and sooner.

This is when stress is at its peak – and you’re at risk of saying something that may be used against you later.

We step in to advise you on what approach to take, what to put forward, and what to avoid

From there, we relentlessly gather evidence to support your case. Whether it means hunting down CCTV footage or constructing a new narrative; we do whatever it takes.

Our priority is to start fighting early and do everything in our power to end investigations without matters reaching trial.

Throughout this process, you will remain constantly informed and confident about what comes next.


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