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Mohammed Zeb

Co-Founder & Director

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Mohammed Zeb
  • Ali

    What can I say about Stuart Miller, we’ll for one thing I was introduced to Mr Zeb and his team through a family member and I can truly say from get go I had the immediate reassurance that the whole team was there to win and give it the best possible fighting chance , the best part is the additional support from Taylor Anna and outsourced barrister Nic, the whole time they keep me fully informed and help me understand the progress of things. The additional bonus is unlike most places and police in particular you are not convicted before even tried instead you are treated with respect and fully understood no matter the allegations or reason for the arrest/ detainment. If you want true just and real people for the working real people in your corner then you need stuart miller on your side remember you get one shot at being represented not proving your innocence or guilt that’s for the CPS and Police but you need your side and voice heard and your life and name along with your dignity protected then go to these guys if you want someone who’s not afraid to challenge the ethics of the judicial system then stop here and if you want to win THE TEAM AT STUART MILLER IS WHAT YOU NEED .. whilst my case is still ongoing I’m optimistic and hopeful because I have a great team working for my freedom

  • Shane Wallace

    After reading encouraging reviews & having a few on going issues myself, I decided to reach out to Stuart Miller, despite it being a weekend I was contacted by Mohammed Zeb, after giving him a few details, he gave me fantastic advice & reassurances, would highly recommend these to anybody, I’m just gutted they are out of my catchment area & other end of the country.

  • Yash

    Great advise and big help regarding my case. All thanks to Mr. Mohammed Zeb.

  • Mabz

    Another one *DJ Khaled voice* Mohammed Zeb thats Big Bro buss another case as usual thank you and it’s always love. Different League Different Class Mike Tyson in the court room. No one try tell me about these fake internet tik tok lawyers in saggy suits using chat gpt to create defences don’t make me catch another case please. Trust Zeb be patient show love and respect and youll be alright. You get arrested go cell request 2 blankets and a fresh grey jumper and tell the Sarge call Stuart Millers then just go sleep real simple.

  • JH

    I have had a great experience with Stuart Millers. My case was initially brought in FTO Mohammed Zeb who made me feel relaxed and explained all the law procedures to me. My case was expertly handled and specifically managed by Taylor Diamond.

    I was impressed by the professionalism served and also how informative Miss Diamond was regarding any queries that I had. All ambiguous laws and regulations were made simple to understand from a client’s perspective with limited knowledge in criminal law.

    Mr Zeb and Miss Diamond were always easy to get a hold of and kept on top of my case notifying me of any changes immediately. Very proactive from the beginning to the end.

    And most importantly, my case was acquitted as a result of the excellent representations compiled by Miss Diamond. The results yielded are proof of the excellent work they produce! 5/5

  • robi jan

    Mr Mohammed Zeb is one of the best lawyer I have ever met. I cannot praise him enough for how he has dealt with my case. Professional, friendly and very knowledgable. Got me the justice I wanted to achieve. Highly recommended !!

  • Le

    About 8 months ago i literally entered a living nightmare. Stuart miller (Mohammed zeb) was recommended by a friend and they have been the best recommendation so far in my life because they literally saved me! I am a mother of 3 children under the age of 8 and very unfortunately ended up remanded in custody after my house was raided (I wont get into it but to put it short it was to do with my partner and drugs related) Within 5 days Mr zeb successfully got me bail and back with my children. During the time between court for pleas/newton/sentencing Mr Zeb took so much time out of his weekends to meet with me just to put my mind at ease and prepare me. He was so honest with me at all times but mostly a real human with a big heart who genuinely cared about my case and i wasn't just another number to him. His colleague Anna was also amazing, she was very clear and direct with all the information she was giving me and spent so much time explaining things to me which were making no sense at all and not just leaving me worrying with the unknown! They really went above and beyond and made sure they got me all the help i needed to back up my case. After about 8 months of living hell Mr zeb and his team managed to keep me out of prison and got me down to a suspended sentence which was a fantastic result and i will forever be grateful to them for this as my children would of suffered the most in all of this. I don't usually do reviews or put my personal life online but i've been through so much and i just wanted to put this out there incase this could provide some help for somebody else choosing the right legal team!

  • Reiss

    I was in the unfortunate position of needing a defence solicitor . It was short notice after being given the duty solicitor, I then asked around and was highly advised to speak to Mo Zeb . We were part way through the pandemic and i really needed to see a solicitor. When multiple other solicitors made excuses . Mo Zeb saw me on weekends and week days on video and in person. The truth is I didn’t even qualify for legal aid And even know I still haven't paid yet I received the outcome I could only have dreamed about.

    I really wanted Mr Zeb to attend court but due to logistical reasons he had to be else where.

    Feeling really nervous he advised me that Mr Kibla was fully appraised.

    Attending court was a nightmare situation the nervousness the offences I faced all took their toll but he night before I called Mo Zeb again and he reassured me that Mr Kibla would be of great assistance.

    Sat here drafting this review pls pls pls just speak to mo zeb and his team

    Doesn't matter if you don’t instruct just pls speak to the team and Mo Zeb.

  • vanessa

    Mohammed Zeb is absolutely amazing. After waiting hours to see a duty solicitor, Mohammed came to the rescue to save my case and managed to drop my charges. He is no ordinary solicitor. He is a great comforting man who can make jokes and is very genuine however when it comes to a case he is very serious and takes the case with great professionalism. I am very grateful for him and I definitely would not forget him.

  • Kayleigh

    What can I say? Mr Mohammed zeb! One of the best solicitors I have ever had contact with! I have been given advice since day one! Mr zeb is there day or night to answer calls/messages! Tells you how it is and keeps it 100% real! We was in the process of trying to swap soliciors From our current to Stuart miller , which unfortunately got refused. He sent down a representive for the company from London to us and he was on time and outstanding in the court room! I am absolutely gutted as I know mr zeb knows his stuff And believe with his experience and knowledge he would have been outstanding for my brother! not once has he asked for a penny from any of the family members Even though going through countless hours of paper work without being paid or any legal aid being granted! I cannot stress enough how professional Stuart miller are and how passionate mr zeb is about his work! From the moment I called him to this very day we have regular contact and i would strongly advice anyone in a sticky situation to contact these guys immediately! Even though the case wasn’t passed on he has still offered me support and advice and told me to keep updated and in contact! Thankyou guys for everything you have done! It won’t be forgotten!

  • NB

    My son had a recent case where the police accused him of being involved in very serious crime. He was NOT involved in any way but for their own twisted reasons, the police were intent on involving him. From the start, it was very clear that the police were fabricating which made the situation even more concerning because of the lengths they were willing to go. Subsequently, my son was held on remand for over three months, but with his faith and the hard work of Mohammed Zeb (a solicitor of Stuart Miller) and his team the CPS threw the case out, DISMISSED.
    Nonetheless, this was no simple task and eventually there was much communication between myself and Mr Zeb who initially, I felt was somewhat dismissive of me as the 'mother of the accused' However, when I expressed my view to him, he immediately remedied and apologised for my perceived view. From then onwards, Mr Zeb did his best to keep me in the loop. I found Mr Zeb to be transparent and realistic with the possible outcomes at each stage of the case progression. His confidence and that of his team's ability to achieve the desired outcome, instilled confidence in me to uplift my son who was on remand during lockdown, with little to no contact with his legal team.
    Ultimately, with all the persistent hard work that goes on behind the scene, Mr Zeb & Co, proved my son's innocence without a trial, he had no case to answer which ended with a DISMISSAL.

    Mr Zeb and the entire team at Stuart Miller Solicitors THANK YOU


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