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Terrorist fundraising is regarded as a far-reaching serious criminal act that is heavily penalised. The Terrorism Act is the overarching law that this crime is prosecuted under.

Asking for money to support a terrorist organisation is one of the terrorism fundraising offences, others are:

  • Taking donations
  • Contributing to terrorism funding including the provision of loans or gifts

Those who fail to provide information to the police about terrorism is also a crime. Whether the information is about those who are fundraising, contributing, money laundering or using and possessing terrorist property.

Defending any terrorism cases is a challenge for solicitors, including the act of terrorist fundraising. There is often a lot of forensic evidence involved in addition to witness statements which can make the case complicated.

Anybody accused of terrorist fundraising offences will find their situation to be daunting. Engaging a solicitor who has experience of defending cases of this nature is essential if you’re hoping for a favourable outcome.

There is a history of the accused being harshly penalised for their behaviour. Democracy is a fundamental philosophy of the UK and life if valued highly. Some terrorism is violent and can go against the culture and ideology of the country.

Being under investigation for terrorist fundraising is challenging. You may even be held in custody while the police search your home, vehicle and communication devices. It would be hard to hold down a job while being unavailable to attend work.

Terrorist fundraising cases need the attention of a solicitor who has experience and expertise at creating and implementing strong defence strategies.

Have you been charged or arrested for Terrorist fundraising? 

It’s normal to feel very much under pressure if you or somebody in your family has been charged or arrested in connection with terrorist fundraising allegations. You’ll most likely be very concerned about what might happen to the accused and whether they will be imprisoned for a long period.

Due to the serious nature of this crime, securing the help of expert terrorist lawyers needs to be initiated right at the beginning.  By taking this step, you will increase the chances of improving the outcome of the case.

We have posted some of the questions and answers that are typically asked when involved in an investigation of this nature. If you don’t see what you need to know, get in touch.

What type of acts are considered terrorist fundraising?

Here are some examples of terrorist fundraising that may have preceded the situation you find yourself now in.

Inviting donations for terrorist causes – for instance, asking friends, family or members of the public to contribute to a collection to fund terrorism. The funds may be collected in cash or through other means such as money transfer or bank transfers.

Contributing to terrorist funding – an example of this is when a person sends money to people they know who are overseas in terrorism training camps. There has been a relatively recent case of the parents of a terrorist sending him money for food, but in effect, this is terrorist funding and against the law.

What happens in a Terrorist fundraising investigation?

As soon as a terrorist fundraising incident is reported to police or identified by detectives, there is an investigation into who is connected to the crime and what actions have been executed. Of course, if the person at the centre of the offence is you, you’re going to find this to be a very stressful time.

There will be worry about what the outcome might be and whether you’re going to be imprisoned. Any career you were hoping to follow or dependents you were providing an income for will be negatively affected. Your life is going to feel upside down as the police examine any evidence they can find that supports your guilt.

Of course, law enforcement officers, also known as the police, have a duty to investigate any accusations of terrorist fundraising. The investigation may include interviewing you and anybody who you know or whose path you have recently crossed. They will also want to examine your phone, computer and tablet for evidence of communication with terrorist groups. Any evidence they locate will be used against you in court.

Have you been falsely accused of terrorist fundraising?

Unfortunately, some people can either collect erroneous information or are mischievous by making allegations of terrorist fundraising are just not true. On occasion, it’s a misunderstanding and other times, they may well be basing their accusations on a sense of malice. A good lawyer will help you to get any wrongful case dismissed prior to a court date.

Instruct a lawyer as soon as possible

As terrorist fundraising is an area of law that is very complicated, you will get a better outcome from hiring a lawyer with some experience in this field.

If you’ve been charged and arrested, it’s essential that you hire a lawyer. Under no circumstances should you attend a police interview alone. You will be asked a lot of probing and intrusive questions that you will need to know how to answer and whether to answer. Only a competent and capable terrorist fundraising solicitor will be able to advise you on this.

Can the police search my home?

The police will want to search your home to seek further evidence to support any allegations of terrorist fundraising. It’s a very serious crime and the police will need to determine whether you have or have not been involved.

What type of sentence could you get for terrorist fundraising?

The sentence that you’re handed if you’re found to be guilty of terrorist fundraising will be based on what you did, what the result was and who you were working with or for.

Read more about sentencing for Terrorist Fundraising offences

What mitigating factors may be considered in sentencing?

The investigation will look into what you did when you were terrorist fundraising. Factors surrounding your personal life will be looked at, but when it comes to terrorism, the courts take this offence very seriously. There is not a lot of mitigating factors that can be used to influence whatever sentence the judge decides to hand out.

Could you go to prison for terrorist fundraising?

Terrorist fundraising is considered to be highly serious as far as crime goes. You’re likely to be given a severe penalty to deter you from future misdemeanours in this arena and to deter others from taking part.

You are quite likely to be handed a prison sentence.

Having defended a significant number of terrorist fundraising cases and attained substantial experience, we can help you by advising what you should do and say to mitigate the outcome. No matter what has happened, get in touch today.

Does a conviction for terrorist fundraising go on your criminal record?

Your terrorist fundraising case will most likely progress to court, and if you’re found guilty and convicted, you will find yourself with a permanent criminal record which can affect your future.

How can Stuart Miller Solicitors help you?

The reputation of our terrorist fundraising solicitors’ has grown from being dedicated and committed to serving the best interests of our clients. Right from the beginning of any case, we will take on the role of giving you defence for the best possible outcome.

Considered to be a grave crime, terrorist fundraising offences are prosecuted vigorously by the state.

Our first step would be to start advising you on what you should and should not say to the police when they interview you. There will be an extensive investigation into what your role was In fundraising for any terrorist group.

The legal team that we have developed is made up of some of the finest legal minds in the UK. Our team know how to safeguard your rights and provide you with the defence that you need throughout the investigation and into the trial and if appropriate, the appeal process.

Our team are savvy and strategic in their operations. You will be assigned one lawyer as your contact point, but all defence strategies are developed by our entire team where possible. We also use the services of expert witnesses and forensic analysts who help us to identify the weaknesses of any evidence that the prosecution presents.

There are many ways that we can use evidence to your favour, and one of the first things we do is to look at how this can be done in your case.

Our legal team is qualified, competent and determined

In addition to having access to some of the best legal minds and forensic analysts, we work with some of the best Barristers and QCs in the country. We have personally handpicked and vetted the for their work in defending cases.

If required, we will work with telephone analysts, computer experts, financial experts, and other expert witnesses to ensure that your defence is the best it can be.

Book a free consultation with our terrorist fundraising lawyers

Terrorist fundraising cases are highly complicated and daunting. If you want there to be a favourable outcome to your case, you must engage a solicitor who has the know-how and the vigour to defend your case. If you don’t do this, you can find yourself in a needless situation. Both yourself and your dependents could suffer from not taking expert solicitor advice.

We can arrange to speak to you in person, online or by telephone. If you prefer, you can WhatsApp us from the link you will find at the bottom banner if you open this page on your mobile phone device.

What will happen when I instruct a lawyer?

As soon as you instruct us to take on your terrorist fundraising case, we will ask a lawyer with experience in this field to work with you. The first goal will be to craft an effective and highly credible defence strategy.

All evidence that the prosecution is going to present to the court will be examined and investigated. Our experts are highly experienced at finding holes that can weaken the argument of the prosecution and can be used to strengthen your defence case.

One common outcome that is reported by every client that we take on is the feeling of being more at ease about a case once Stuart Miller Solicitors is on the case. When you know that the best solicitors are handling your defence for you and that you have a specialist team at the helm, you will feel more at ease and have peace of mind.

Every member of our legal team stays current with changes to the law, no matter how minor. The purpose of continually updating the knowledge of our team is so that they don’t miss any approaches where they can get you off a case, or decrease any given sentence.

Would you like to discuss your case before instructing us?

We understand how important it is for you to know who could represent you at the police station and in court. This is why we offer a complimentary thirty-minute consultation so that you can ask questions and get to know us better.

In addition to giving you a free consultation, we can also represent you at the police station if you’ve been arrested. We can look at securing your legal aid.

Please contact us for a face to face meeting or a telephone call. There is a WhatsApp link at the bottom of the page if that is your preference.



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