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A murder suspect who ran over a man was cleared after expert lawyers exposed crucial flaws in the prosecution case.

Mr H faced life behind bars had he been convicted of deliberately mowing down his victim in cold blood – as prosecutors claimed.

Ten eyewitnesses were called to give evidence that Mr H used his car as a weapon, alleging he threatened: “If you don’t get out the way I’ll knock you over”.

But serious crime lawyers from Stuart Miller Solicitors were able to convince a jury that the death was not intentional.

Mr H was jailed for six years on a lesser charge of manslaughter.

A spokesman for Stuart Miller Solicitors said: “On the face of the evidence, the prosecution had built what appeared to be a solid case against our client.

“Stuart Miller Solicitors put together a defence team which consisted of New York attorneys, expert collision experts, image enhancement experts, specialist murder barristers, psychologists and a reconstruction expert.

“Our client told us simply that it was an accident and that he did not intend to kill the victim.

“Accordingly, we worked to build, corroborate and positively assert this defence.”

Mr H was among six defendants who faced trial for murder and violent disorder after a fight between two rival groups broke out.

It was alleged that Mr H drove his car deliberately at the victim causing his instant death.

Prosecutors relied on a string of eyewitnesses who all swore under oath that they heard Mr H rage: “If you don’t get out the way I’ll knock you over”.

Jurors were also shown a text messages extracted from Mr H’s phone, which read: “Some people called me a black c*** n run on car so I hit em.”

But Stuart Miller Solicitors were able find vital discrepancies in the prosecution’s case – and questioned the truthfulness of the eyewitnesses in cross-examination.

A spokesman said: “During the defence investigation we uncovered that many of the prosecution witnesses held criminal convictions against their name.

“Furthermore, our ‘on the ground’ investigation established that many of the prosecution witnesses had a clear motive to lie against our client.

“Our murder defence solicitors relied upon our enhanced CCTV analysis to show that the victim stepped in the path of our client’s car, as opposed to our client intentionally running the victim over.”

Following “endless conferences” with Mr H while on remand in prison, it was agreed he would take to the witness stand to give evidence of what happened on the tragic day.

His convincing and true account in court led to a jury acquitting Mr H of murder.


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