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Two men accused of throwing acid were acquitted after defence lawyers examined reams of mobile phone evidence.

Mr A and Mr K were charged with throwing a corrosive substance at a man who alleged he suffered facial burns in the attack at his home.

The man also alleged that the two suspects followed him days later and threw acid at his car while making threats.

The two suspects were represented by the crown court team at Stuart Miller Solicitors, who soon began to find holes in the case.

Mr K was detained in prison when the alleged threats were made to the supposed victim, while Mr A had an alibi which placed him elsewhere.

Both men entered not guilty pleas to throwing acid at the man – with lawyers pointing to a lack of medical evidence to show any kind of corrosive injury.

But prosecutors claimed that messages found on Mr K’s phone – which told of keeping a low profile – were incriminating.

And lawyers said that cell site evidence –  establishing the geographical location of a mobile phone by determining which mast it connects to – placed Mr K in the area on the night of the alleged attack.

But Stuart Miller Solicitors were able to work out that Mr K lived in the area and that his phone would connect with the very same mast when he was at home.

The trial was abandoned when the alleged victim failed to show and judge heard representations from barristers instructed by the firm.

A spokesman said: “The crown court team retrieved the raw data in this case so that all the cell site data could be analysed before trial to ensure the area of the incident used the same cell as Mr K’s home address.

“On the day of trial the complainant did not attend.

“Counsel made strong representations against a further adjournment in this matter. The representations included the lack of medical evidence supporting the complainant’s account and the cell site evidence consistent with Mr K’s defence.”

The representations made by barristers representing Mr A and Mr K were accepted by the judge.

The jury was directed to enter not guilty verdicts for both men and they were immediately released from custody.


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