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Our client, Mr. C, was wrongfully charged with the act of poisoning after a complaint from his neighbor accused him of administering a poison. Despite the two having almost minimal interactions, our client faced arrest. After a lengthy legal investigation, our criminal defence lawyers were able to successfully prove his innocence and clear his name of the poisoning charge.

Our client, Mr. C, was wrongfully accused of poisoning after a complaint from his neighbour, alleging he was responsible for administering poison. Despite minimal interactions between the two, our client faced arrest. Following a thorough legal investigation, our dedicated defence lawyers successfully demonstrated his innocence, effectively clearing him of the poisoning charge. 

After contacting us to represent him in the case involving allegations of poisoning, our criminal defence lawyers immediately sprang to action, determined to uncover the truth of the matter. Faced with a confusing situation and multiple conflicting accounts, our criminal defence Solicitors launched their own legal investigation into the alleged poisoning incident. After meticulously analysing all evidence submitted by the prosecution related to the poisoning claim, our defence lawyers obtained witness statements from other residents in the building, engaged forensic experts to analyse the complainant’s symptoms and the nature of the alleged poisoning, and gathered character statements from our client’s friends and family members to assess his character and his interactions with the complainant. 

During the investigation, our defence lawyers discovered that the allegation could not have taken place – though the complainant alleged that they crossed our client’s front door to reach their apartment, the structure of the apartment complex is built to ensure that people don’t cross other apartment doors to reach their house, effectively poisoning any argument that suggests otherwise. Furthermore, other witnesses within the building confirm that our client was at home during the time of the alleged offence, and when confronted by the complainant, did not engage or defend himself, but stayed within his home. 

During the trial, our defsubmitted voluminous evidence that proved his innocence, and ensured that his side of the story was heard, safeguarding against any potential poisoning of public opinion or judicial bias. Faced with the clear facts of the case, the jury immediately acquitted our client and dropped all charges, ensuring that our client was able to go home a free man. 

What seems like minor interactions with neighbours can spiral down into false allegations and unnecessary criminal trials – which can ruin your life and your reputation. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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