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When our client was falsely accused of trying to steal an unwitting woman's car, he did not know how his case would end.

Our client was accused of an allegation of vehicle interference.

This allegation is specified in Section 9 of the Criminal Attempts Act 1981. Depending on the offence category, if you are sentenced for this offence, you can receive anywhere from a Band-A Fine to a 12-week custodial sentence.

Thanks to the excellent representation, case management and evidence analysis conducted by our specialist criminal defence solicitors our client walked free and was not sentenced.

Our client was with a group of friends one afternoon. One friend told him that he had left his keys inside his car and locked himself out. His friend told him that they were planning to contact a locksmith and unlock the car. The car in question was a grey Range Rover.

The police were called by the car’s keeper who had leased the car.

Stuart Miller Solicitors’ Duygu Basiguzel made representations to the Crown Prosecution Service to dismiss this case. This was because there was not enough evidence to link our client to the alleged offence. Furthermore, our client at this time had another matter pending in the Crown Court.

During the case, the Crown Prosecution Service filed a “special measures application” to confirm that the alleged victim of the offence, and the alleged witness to the incident, could not attend court for this case due to previous dealings with our client.

Our client’s diligent solicitor Duygu Basiguzel refused this application on the grounds that the application was evidently made “out of time” and could not be accepted as our client was not notified of any previous dealings with the alleged victim and witness.

As a result of our criminal defence solicitor Duygu Basiguzel’s dedicated case management the Court and Crown Prosecution Service offered no evidence against our client.

Our client’s alleged vehicle interference offences were dismissed in Highbury Corner Magistrates Court.



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