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In 2018 a 17 year old woman was shot on a North London Road

Mr. R, a client of Stuart Miller Solicitors, was arrested, cautioned, and wrongfully accused of the conspiracy to murder Tanesha Melbourne-Blake and possession of a firearm. Several others were arrested in connection with the conspiracy.

In April of 2018, 17 year old Tanesha Melbourne-Blake was shot in Tottenham, London in a drive-by shooting. This case is reportedly another case of mistaken identity in London as Tanesha had no connection to gang-life.

On Easter Bank Holiday weekend, Tanesha Melbourne-Blake was chatting with friends on Chalgrove Road in Tottenham, North London.

At about 9:30pm, Tanesha was shot by an unknown individual from a passing car.

She died on scene later that night from a gunshot wound to the chest.

The gun identified as being the firearm that gunned down Tanesha Melbourne-Blake was known to the police. The gun was reportedly a “gun for hire” in the local area, and had been in previous crimes and murders. Police said that the found firearm was a CZ, a Czechoslovakian model that was fully functional.

Investigations by the police revealed that the gun was used a month earlier in the shooting of 20 year old Joseph Williams-Torres. The firearm was located by a member of the public in a communal garden in North London six weeks after Tanesha Melbourne-Blake was killed.

What We Did

Stuart Miller Solicitors’ Police Station Advisor represented their client Mr R when he was interviewed by the police.

Mr. R’s criminal defence attorney advised him that it was unclear whether or not the police had established Mr. R held and shot the gun. There was no indication from the police of relevant DNA evidence or phone evidence that directly links to the defendant. Mr R’s lawyer also made it clear to him that there were no witness statements that name or identify him directly.

The police’s investigation claimed that Mr R was connected to the local gang “Wood Green Mob”, but it failed to provide proper evidence to prove it. Without enough evidence to prove Mr R is the suspect, a charge could not be brought against him.

Stuart Miller Solicitors’ criminal defence solicitor advised Mr K that his interview is a part of a lengthy investigation, and the police are essentially on a “fishing expedition” to gather further information.

Mr K was advised to give a “no comment” interview to preserve his position of innocence.

As a result of the careful and detail-oriented investigation at the police station stage and advice provided by Stuart Miller Solicitors’ Police Station Advisor, Mr K was released with No Further Action brought against him.

Stuart Miller Solicitors maintained their client’s innocence and cleared his name in this incredibly successful result.



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