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Abu Kibla

Managing Director & Serious Crime Solicitor

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  • Cannot thank them enough

    Contacted them with a personal query following a video of theirs that I'd viewed re:recent changes to DBS. Spoke to Mr Kibla - very speedy response and great support throughout the conversation which made me feel comfortable with what I disclosed. After years of worry and stress. Mr Kibla was able to give advice and information that offer me light at the end of a very dark tunnel. So glad I stumbled across their video on my tik tok but even more glad that I reached out for advice and guidance! I feel relief.Thank you so much- will be recommending !

  • Amazing

    First time I came across a company who I contacted via tik tok , requested some information, Mr Kibla seen and responded within seconds and gave me requested information, super amazing I never expected this kind of good response,

  • My husband an I are extremely grateful…

    My husband an I are extremely grateful for Abu Kibla and his amazing support representing my husband under such time consuming circumstances. He was very helpful and made us feel at ease right away.
    We left pleasantly satisfied and would definitely recommend Abu Kibla to anyone needing representation.

    Thank you

  • Invaluable Support.

    The support, expertise, communication, patience & assurance I have received from the Stuart Miller team, particularly Holly Lambert, Mr Kibla & Taylor Dimond has been invaluable during a very stressful time in my life.

    From day one until the positive conclusion of an experience our family had never been through before, Stuart Miler were there with an empathetic ear & helpful advice.

    I would highly recommend them.

  • mohammed ahmed

    I was very pleased with the help and effort not to mention the concern given to me from one of Stuart Millers best solicitors Abu Kibla as he calmly explained and helped my situation to the best of his abilities during and off his work hours.

  • Reiss

    I was in the unfortunate position of needing a defence solicitor . It was short notice after being given the duty solicitor, I then asked around and was highly advised to speak to Mo Zeb . We were part way through the pandemic and i really needed to see a solicitor. When multiple other solicitors made excuses . Mo Zeb saw me on weekends and week days on video and in person. The truth is I didn’t even qualify for legal aid And even know I still haven't paid yet I received the outcome I could only have dreamed about.

    I really wanted Mr Zeb to attend court but due to logistical reasons he had to be else where.

    Feeling really nervous he advised me that Mr Kibla was fully appraised.

    Attending court was a nightmare situation the nervousness the offences I faced all took their toll but he night before I called Mo Zeb again and he reassured me that Mr Kibla would be of great assistance.

    Sat here drafting this review pls pls pls just speak to mo zeb and his team

    Doesn't matter if you don’t instruct just pls speak to the team and Mo Zeb.

  • Kerri Farrier

    I had Abu on my case and he was one of the kindest people I’ve met. He made me laugh and feel more comfortable when being in court and argued my points thoroughly to get the lowest punishment possible. He’s a very relatable and down to earth man and don’t know what I would’ve done without him!

  • Ilias Ali

    Very helpful and thorough. Mostly because they are helping a great friend sort a horrendous problem in a very straight forward manner. Anyone who can reassure someone kindly means worth a mention.

    Thank you Mr Kibla


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