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An innocent man was proven Not Guilty following false allegations of inappropriate sexual touching made against him by his best friend’s 15-year-old daughter.

Our client Mr N was charged with sexual assault and sexual assault on a child under 13 after allegations were made against him by his best friend’s daughter.

He denied prosecutions claims that the touching in question was sexual.

According to the evidence presented by Stuart Miller Solicitors and our client, he has lived with the parents of the child in question for 16 years and has helped raise their two children, including the 15-year-old girl in question.

In the shared home, Mr N was in the kitchen when the girl’s younger brother came in late at night.

Mr N then began to assist the boy back to bed by picking him up and carrying him back to his room but encountered a debilitating stomach cramp as he did. This caused him to ask for help from the boy’s sister asleep on the bed by nudging her awake.

She alleged that at this time Mr N touched her sexually. Additionally, she alleges 5 years ago a separate incident of inappropriate sexual touching took place.

His legal team successfully gathered witness statements and evidence that proved his history of a debilitating disease that caused him to suffer gastric attacks without warning. We were able to demonstrate that there was insufficient evidence to support a conviction of our client for the alleged sexual assaults.

A spokesperson for Stuart Miller Solicitors said, “Our team of expert criminal defence solicitors, Andreas Yiannaki, Avnita Bhudia and Abu Kibla, represented Mr N throughout an emotionally taxing case where he was accused of sexual assault by a personal family friend’s child”.

“Having received instructions and learned from our client that he had not abused the child, Andreas devoted himself to obtaining witness testimony and other evidence that would strengthen the case”.

“Through inexhaustible dedication from Stuart Miller’s team and a 5-day trial, our client was proven not guilty of the charges brought against him”.


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