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A supply teacher was cleared of a student sex attack after lawyers repeatedly demanded to see vital CCTV footage

Mr O was facing career ruin after a high school student claimed that he had groped her bottom.

The teacher, who vehemently denied the offence, was questioned voluntarily by police before being brought to court seven months later.

After learning of his impending court date, Mr O switched to Stuart Miller Solicitors, who successfully obtained CCTV footage that had not previously been disclosed by police.

The footage, which had been requested repeatedly by Mr O’s solicitor Kate Blackmore, clearly proved that the teacher had not assaulted the pupil at any point.

And, despite prosecutors taking the matter to trial, a judge ruled there was no case to answer following a submission from Mr O’s barrister.

He was formally acquitted of sexual assault – and the court also ordered that his defence fees be paid through central funds.

A spokesman for Stuart Miller Solicitors said: “Our specialist criminal defence solicitors represented Mr O, who was charged with sexual assault against a student at the high school where he was employed as a supply teacher.

“After learning he had been charged, Mr O wished to instruct a pro active, passionate and tenacious defence team. Therefore he instructed Kate Blackmore from this firm to represent him going forward.

“Kate, who is familiar with the issues and intricacies of cases of this nature, prepared and analysed the case in minute detail.

“She took detailed instructions from the client and selected the barrister she thought best for the case. As the client was of previous good character, Kate worked tirelessly to obtain numerous character statements to strengthen our case.

“Kate was aware that the incident was captured on CCTV, however the police had not shown the CCTV evidence to Mr O in interview and the crown had failed to serve the evidence upon us.

“Kate continued to request the evidence, when it became clear that the defendant had not sexually assaulted the complainant at any point.

“Through diligence and determination Mr O was acquitted of the serious charge against him.”


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