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Our client, Ms. W, was accused of kidnapping a child and sexual assault charges by her partner’s mother, despite her partner lying about his age and his familial situation. These charges further worsened her mental and physical health. Thanks to a thorough, empathetic legal defence, our lawyers successfully proved her intent and secured a reduced sentence, completely avoiding jail time.

Ms. W, an 18 year old student, was living with the local authorities due to a severely troubled home life. This meant that her life was already traumatic, and she befriended Mr. J, who was a friend of a friend. Since her friend was 17, she assumed Mr. J was 17 as well, and he never bothered to correct her. The two grew close, and began a relationship.  

Unknown to her, Mr. J’s mother disapproved and instead of having a calm discussion, she files charges with the police. Ms. W is then accused of kidnapping and sexual assault charges against a child, as she was unaware of Mr. J’s true age. She immediately contacted us, to help fight for her case.  

Our sexual assault solicitors  immediately began a thorough investigation into all the aspects of the kidnapping and sexual assault charges, including looking into Ms. W’s and Mr. J’s own lives. This included gathering witness statements from friends and family and working with the local authorities to understand Ms. W’s history. Our defence solicitors worked with a psychiatrist as well, to ascertain Ms. W’s mental health, emotional maturity, and emotional age. The psychiatrist ruled that her emotional age was las lower than 18, due to the trauma she had to live through as a child.  

During the trial, our criminal defence solicitors submitted exhaustive evidence that pointed to our client’s personal history, her struggles with her family and mental health, and the fact that she did not know that her partner was lying about his age. Our sympathetic legal strategies swayed the judge and the jury, and she was granted a suspended sentence, and was given the chance to speak to professionals to help with her rehabilitation.  

Being accused of sexual assault, without prior knowledge can have devastating consequences, especially when friends and loved ones are involved. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to defend your rights and protect your interests. Call us today for a free no-obligation consultation, we’re available 24/7.  



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