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Our client, Mr. B, pursued a sexual relationship with Ms. G, when they matched on Tinder. After having intercourse in Ms. G’s home, Mr. B spoke to Ms. G’s daughter in the kitchen, while Ms. G was in the kitchen with them. After heading home, Mr. B opened his phone to discover that Ms. G accused him of sexually harassing her daughter, and filed a report with the police. After a thorough legal investigation, our sexual assault solicitors cleared his name and restored his reputation.

Mr. B was pursuing a casual sexual relationship with Ms. G, who he met on Tinder. The two of them agreed to keep things simple, and neither looked for a serious relationship. The first time Mr. B went over to Ms. G’s home, they had sexual intercourse in the bedroom; as he was leaving, he stopped for a few minutes in Ms. G’s kitchen, and had a casual conversation with her 15-year-old daughter, before heading home.  

The next day, he was arrested for performing sexual activities in front of a child, and Ms. G claimed that he raped her.  

After contacting us to battle these wrongful and malicious charges, our criminal defence solicitors immediately sprang into action to uncover the truth of the matter. Beginning with a thorough legal investigation, our sexual assault solicitors secured all the evidence from the police and the prosecution, gathered witness statements from our client’s friends and family members, and worked with mobile phone experts to analyse our client’s phone. He willingly provided any and all evidence to us, including his devices, to prove his innocence.  

Our criminal defence lawyers’ investigation proved that our client was innocent – not only did Ms. G drop the rape charges shortly after she made them, but there was no proof in any of the messages, witness statements, or interview recordings of this offence. Furthermore, the complainant’s witness statement was vague, and constantly changing. Our client also revealed that he suffered greatly from this accusation, as Ms. G’s neighbour had harassed him and his family over these accusations. Though he reported this to the police, the case went nowhere.  

During the trial, our sexual assault solicitors submitted the voluminous evidence to the courtroom, and deftly argued for our client’s innocence, pointing to his good character, the nature of his relationship with Ms. G and his willingness to cooperate with the investigation. Convinced by our argument, the jury immediately voted to acquit him, clearing his name of all malicious charges made, and setting him free.  

Being falsely accused of sexual harassment can have devastating consequences, especially when others feel they have the right to harass you without consequence, because of an unproven allegation. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests. 

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