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A man was cleared of a rape ordeal after defence lawyers uncovered a trove of CCTV footage previously denied to exist. 

Mr T enlisted Stuart Miller Solicitors to fight his corner after he was charged with attempted rape and sexual assault of a woman he met on the London Underground.

He denied prosecution claims that he followed the woman off the Tube, groped her and tried to rape her.

Instead he insisted the pair had consensual sex after meeting on a Central Line train earlier in the evening.

His legal team asked for CCTV footage of the central line – only to be told by prosecutors that there was none.

But after making further demands, it emerged that 81 hours of footage from 27 cameras did actually exist.

Mr T’s representatives were then told that all the previously denied footage had been looked at by police – and that the couple were not on it.

Not willing to take the officers’ word for it, Stuart Miller Solicitors demanded the entire camera download be handed over for their own examination.

After hours of viewing, three cameras revealed Mr T holding hands with his alleged victim – vital to his defence of consent.

A spokesman for Stuart Miller Solicitors said: “It became apparent that the police had either lied about having viewed the footage, about what was on it, or had completely missed the defendant and complainant’s appearance on three of the 27 cameras.

“This evidence was essential as it proved the defendant was telling the truth about spending a considerable amount of time with the complainant before the incident, going to the key issue of consent and his belief of her consent.”

Barristers instructed by Stuart Miller Solicitors used the footage during Mr T’s trial to undermine the woman’s claim that she had not spent any time with the defendant before he allegedly attacked her.

With the CCTV footage proving that the woman’s account was untrue, the prosecution halted the trial and a jury was instructed to return verdicts of not guilty.

The firm’s spokesman added: “At the conclusion of the case the judge commended the defence team for their tireless and vigorous defending.

“As a result of the issues which were uncovered an investigation was launched into the police and prosecution involved in the preparation of this case.”


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