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Anna Sidgwick

Serious Crime & Fraud Supervisor

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  • Nur Aslan

    What can I say about Stuart Miller, we’ll for one thing I was introduced to Mr Zeb and his team through a family member and I can truly say from get go I had the immediate reassurance that the whole team was there to win and give it the best possible fighting chance , the best part is the additional support from Taylor Anna and outsourced barrister Nic, the whole time they keep me fully informed and help me understand the progress of things. The additional bonus is unlike most places and police in particular you are not convicted before even tried instead you are treated with respect and fully understood no matter the allegations or reason for the arrest/ detainment. If you want true just and real people for the working real people in your corner then you need stuart miller on your side remember you get one shot at being represented not proving your innocence or guilt that’s for the CPS and Police but you need your side and voice heard and your life and name along with your dignity protected then go to these guys if you want someone who’s not afraid to challenge the ethics of the judicial system then stop here and if you want to win THE TEAM AT STUART MILLER IS WHAT YOU NEED .. whilst my case is still ongoing I’m optimistic and hopeful because I have a great team working for my freedom

  • Alby Davis

    Their friendly and understanding demeanor was truly appreciated. I am incredibly thankful to Miller's and their appointed court solicitors for their excellent support.

  • Fabian Jones

    Incredible legal team! I couldn't have asked for better representation during the most challenging period of my life. They're genuine care made all the difference in my case.

  • Le

    About 8 months ago i literally entered a living nightmare. Stuart miller (Mohammed zeb) was recommended by a friend and they have been the best recommendation so far in my life because they literally saved me! I am a mother of 3 children under the age of 8 and very unfortunately ended up remanded in custody after my house was raided (I wont get into it but to put it short it was to do with my partner and drugs related) Within 5 days Mr zeb successfully got me bail and back with my children. During the time between court for pleas/newton/sentencing Mr Zeb took so much time out of his weekends to meet with me just to put my mind at ease and prepare me. He was so honest with me at all times but mostly a real human with a big heart who genuinely cared about my case and i wasn't just another number to him. His colleague Anna was also amazing, she was very clear and direct with all the information she was giving me and spent so much time explaining things to me which were making no sense at all and not just leaving me worrying with the unknown! They really went above and beyond and made sure they got me all the help i needed to back up my case. After about 8 months of living hell Mr zeb and his team managed to keep me out of prison and got me down to a suspended sentence which was a fantastic result and i will forever be grateful to them for this as my children would of suffered the most in all of this. I don't usually do reviews or put my personal life online but i've been through so much and i just wanted to put this out there incase this could provide some help for somebody else choosing the right legal team!


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