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Our client faced false accusations of sexual crimes after a consensual encounter. Led by Victoria, our defence solicitors gathered key evidence, including texts and expert analysis, proving our client's innocence. With this rigorous defense, our client was acquitted of all charges, showcasing the importance of thorough legal advocacy in false accusation cases.

In a recent case handled by our rape solicitors, we encountered a troubling situation where our client was wrongfully accused of serious sexual crimes. The incident began on an ordinary night at a club, where our client met the complainant. The evening was filled with mutual enjoyment, and the two kept in touch afterwards, eventually planning another meeting. At the complainant’s request, our client accompanied her back to her house. However, the following morning, when our client reached out to ensure the complainant’s well-being, he received no response. Days later, our client was stunned to receive accusations of rape, assault by penetration, and sexual assault.

These rape charges had a profound impact on our client’s life, causing immense stress and jeopardising his future. The sudden shift from a consensual and friendly relationship to facing severe charges left our client in a state of panic. Understanding the gravity of the situation, our client reached out to our firm for help. Our dedicated caseworker, Victoria, took immediate action to address the allegations and defend our client’s innocence.

Upon taking on the case, our defence solicitors meticulously examined key pieces of evidence that ultimately proved our client’s innocence against the rape charges. The text messages between our client and the complainant revealed that it was the complainant who initiated and encouraged the sexual encounter by way of ‘sexting’. We also brought in a bruising expert to challenge the evidence presented by the complainant, who claimed that bruises on her body were a result of force. The expert’s analysis showed that the marks were not consistent with forceful actions. Additionally, CCTV footage from the club provided clear evidence of the complainant’s affectionate behaviour towards our client, contradicting her claims. Further investigation revealed that the complainant was struggling with personal issues and guilt, which contributed to her false allegations.

Armed with this compelling evidence, we presented our case to the court. As a result, our client was acquitted of all charges. This case highlights the importance of a thorough and rigorous defence in situations where someone’s life can be irrevocably damaged by false accusations.

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