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A man facing four counts of rape and one count of controlling behaviour had all charges dropped, thanks to the defence lawyers meticulously analysing the evidence and questioning its authenticity and originality. The defence lawyers exposed the prosecution’s flawed case and cleared the innocent man of all charges.

Case Overview:  

Mr. O was facing rape charges and one count of controlling behaviour after his girlfriend, Ms. D, submitted audio recordings of these acts to the police. He was subsequently arrested and charged by the police, and remanded in custody for several months while the investigation took place.  

During this time, he contacted us to fight for his rights and uncover the truth. 

Our Defence Lawyers’ Efforts:  

Our experienced rape solicitors immediately set to work uncovering the full story. They meticulously combed through all the evidence submitted by the prosecution and the police, including any unused material, to uncover inconsistencies, biases, or liabilities against our client. By exploring all avenues and interviewing police officers and witnesses, our defence solicitors successfully pointed out that the prosecution’s key evidence could not be verified or authenticated.  

This means that there is a chance that the evidence is fake, and the police and prosecution did not bother to verify it before filing rape charges. Thus, we successfully obtained a not-guilty verdict, resulting in our client leaving custody and avoiding a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. This is an incredible result, and a reminder of the importance of diligently going through all the evidence, and to leave no stone unturned in every case.  

How We Can Help You: 

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