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Our team of specialist defence lawyers were able to secure a verdict of not guilty by meticulously analysing all of the evidence, working with experts to ascertain our client’s physical and mental health, and interrogating the prosecution about the inconsistencies in the evidence submitted to the court.

Case Overview: 

Mr. D was accused of sexual communication with a child and to engage in sexual activity  after sending explicit messages to a 13-year-old girl on Facebook. In reality, the profile was a decoy established by the group, Fleetwood Enforcers UK. The group is run by volunteers who create fake profiles to attract sexual predators.  

Our Defence Lawyers’ Efforts:  

Our team of seasoned sexual assault solicitors employed legal strategies that delved into our client’s mental and physical health, and his understanding of the situation at hand. The criminal defence solicitors meticulously examined all of the evidence submitted by the prosecution, volunteer group and police, including any unused material and uncovered key information that had been overlooked.  

Our sexual assault solicitors discovered that the screenshots of the conversation between our client and the decoy were partial and that full conversations were not submitted to the court, and used this inconsistency to argue that the evidence presented was biased and incomplete. 

The criminal defence solicitors also worked with several verified experts in technical and scientific fields to provide a clear picture of our client’s medical history and mental and physical health, as our client had suffered from permanent brain damage after being hit by a car when he was 6 years old. Our defence lawyers collaborated with medical experts to ascertain his intent and his capabilities, and whether he fully understood the consequences of his actions. 

Through their tireless efforts and attention to detail, our criminal defence solicitors were able to clearly argue that the prosecution was unable to provide the required evidence to support the serious charges against our client. The jury ultimately returned a verdict of “not guilty” and all charges of sexual communication with a child were dropped, resulting in a victory for justice. 

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