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A landlord convicted of spying on showering women was handed a suspended sentence after defence lawyers put forward strong mitigation.

Female tenants became suspicious of Mr H and alleged he told them to shower in the mornings at specific times.

He was accused of peeking into the bathroom through overhead windows in his office.

A laptop seized by police also revealed a movie file showing a naked woman taking a bath at the property.

Mr H was charged with voyeurism and took the case to trial denying any wrongdoing.

He claimed he did not take the video of the bathing woman and suggested that someone may have been trying to frame him.

Mr H was convicted after trial but was spared an immediate prison sentence after defence lawyers were able to put forward powerful personal mitigation.

Medical letters detailing his health concerns were also submitted to the court.

The judge handed down a nine-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months.


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