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Mr. T was falsely accused of rape after a one-night stand. Determined to protect his reputation, our rape solicitors proved that the allegations were entirely false, and that the entire night was wholly consensual. Thanks to our defence team’s efforts, our client’s reputation and freedom were restored.

Mr. T had met the complainant, Ms. T at a bar and had struck up a conversation, spending hours chatting at the bar. After getting her number, he watched her go home with another man. After they messaged each other the next day, she seemed eager to meet with him the next night. The following night, the two hit it off well, ending with Ms. T spending the night at Mr. T’s place. The next morning, he gets an Uber for her, and assumes that all went well – imagine his surprise when he finds himself facing the police a few days later, arrested and falsely accused of rape.  

Confused about the circumstances, he contacted us to represent him. Our criminal defence solicitors immediately sprang to action, determined to uncover the truth of the matter. After meticulously analysing all evidence submitted by the police and the prosecution, our rape solicitors conduct their own thorough investigation. Beginning with our client’s evidence, we worked with forensic experts to analyse all mobile phone evidence presented – including text messages and location services. Our criminal defence solicitors also worked with our client’s friends and family members to ascertain his character, and spoke to others present at the club to gather witness statements from that night. Furthermore, our criminal defence solicitors worked closely with CCTV experts to analyse any and all CCTV footage of the couple from the night of the club, the night they spent together, and the next morning to ascertain the complainant’s behaviour during that time.  

The investigation revealed that the allegations were entirely false – not only did our client not have intimate relations with the complainant, but that the entire night was wholly consensual. Text messages, the receipt for the Uber, location services, and CCTV footage all point to the night being consensual, with the complainant calmly leaving our client’s property the next morning, without looking stressed or harrowed. Furthermore, witness and character statements point to our client’s good nature, and the fact that he’s never faced such accusations from others before.  

During the trial, our rape solicitors submitted overwhelming evidence pointing to our client’s good nature, and the forensic evidence showed no signs of assault or discomfort on the complainant’s part. Furthermore, the complainant’s testimony had continuity errors, and the prosecution was unable to provide solid proof of the offence. Faced with the facts, the jury realised that our client was falsely accused of rape, and immediately voted to acquit him of all charges.  

What started as a fun night between strangers can quickly spiral into months of uncertainty, because of a false allegation. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests. 

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