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Though the client was facing severe charges of false imprisonment, sexual assault, and attempted rape, the criminal defence team was able to get these charges dropped, securing a minimised conviction and resulting sentence.

Case Overview:  

In July 2019, a woman, R. accused her boyfriend – our client, Mr. P – with charges of occasional actual bodily harm, sexual assault, false imprisonment, and attempted rape. She claimed that the client was drunk during the altercation, and forcefully imprisoned her for over a day.  

The Defence Team’s Efforts:  

Faced with devastating accusations of false imprisonment, sexual assault, and attempted rape, our client turned to our team of seasoned criminal defence solicitors, with a successful track record in violent offence cases. The team mounted a relentless defence, leaving no stone unturned and exploring all possible options in their efforts to clear the client’s name. In the lead-up to the trial, the team interviewed key witnesses, went through the client’s statements, and cross-referenced their evidence. The team relentlessly pursued the prosecution to obtain their evidence, in order to look for any inconsistencies or biases. The team ensured to use every legal strategy possible, to build a watertight defence for their client.  

During the trial, the legal team argued that the charges of attempted rape and sexual assault be dropped, supported by their evidence and the client’s statement. The barrister also made submissions for the count of false imprisonment to be dropped, due to a lack of evidence. Though the client did admit to being drunk during the altercation, and pled guilty to the charge of adult occasional grievous body harm, he pled not guilty to all other charges. 

Thanks to the tireless efforts by the experienced legal team, the client was found not guilty on multiple charges of grievous body harm and attempted rape and was able to secure a minimised sentence. Thanks to the team thoroughly examining all evidence, and actively challenging the prosecution on every turn, the client was able to secure a minimal conviction, thereby minimally disrupting his life 

How We Can Help You: 

Being accused of a crime like attempted rape or sexual assault can be devastating and can cause a myriad of stresses and anxieties. Our team of criminal defence solicitors, with over 38 years of experience combined, has the expertise required to have your charges dropped.  

If you or someone you love has been charged with a serious offence like attempted rape or sexual assault, don’t delay to reach out to us now 


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