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Our client was falsely accused by his neighbours for assault by beating, despite being the victim in the situation. After a wrongful conviction where he was falsely convicted, our assault lawyers immediately appealed the decision, to ensure that justice would be served. Our criminal defence solicitors successfully convinced the judge of their wrongful conviction, and all charges were immediately dismissed.

Mr. P was arrested on two charges of assault by beating, after his neighbours accused him of assaulting them during an argument. The two alleged that Mr. P had attacked them both, and threw a broken table leg at them, before they fled and called the police. They also accused him of attacking furniture with a knife.  

Upon contacting us, our assault lawyers immediately sprang into action, determined to get to the heart of the matter. They meticulously analysed all evidence submitted by the prosecution and the police for any inconsistencies, and discovered that the statements made by the 2 complainants are not consistent with each other. Furthermore, our client’s wife was assaulted earlier by one of the complainants, and the police refused to open a case, arguing that it “was not serious enough”. With the help of an interpreter, our client provided consistent, objective proof of him being the victim by the others living in the area.  

During the trial, despite submitting evidence of inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case, and evidence of the complainant assaulting both our client and his wife, the magistrate chose to find our client guilty of one charge of assault by beating, and sentenced him to a 16-week long community order.  

Our assault lawyers immediately appealed the decision, recognising that the judge made a grave error. During the re-trial, our criminal defence solicitors successfully argued that the judge made a mistake, and that our client was maliciously accused. The prosecution had no choice but to offer no evidence. Furthermore, the complainant had not shown up as he was deported back to his home country. The judge immediately approved the appeal, acquitting our client and voicing his concern over the prosecution going forward with a case, despite the complainant being deported, and the obvious signs of false allegations.  

Cases of false convictions – either due to the prosecution’s wilful ignorance over key evidence, or because of judicial errors – are a significant problem with our judicial system. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re available 24/7, and we’re here to defend your rights, protect your interests, and guarantee you a fair trial. Call us today for a free no-obligation consultation.  


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