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Despite the wrongful arrest, the prosecution went ahead with false charges of possession of a bladed item. Thanks to skilful legal defence, all charges were dropped and our client walked home a free man.

Case Overview: 

Mr. A was arrested for possession of a bladed article and of a weapon, as the police had caught him in possession of a screwdriver. Mr. A immediately contacted us for our services to combat these charges, as he knew them to be completely false.  

Our Defence Lawyers’ Efforts: 

Our defence lawyers immediately sprang into action, determined to clear our client’s name of possession of bladed article charges and uncover the truth. The first task was to establish the necessity of our client’s tools for his work, which changes from day to day as he works as a freelance carpet fitter – this involved speaking to co-workers, clients, and obtaining character statements from friends and co-workers. We also investigated the fact that his dedicated tool rucksack was torn, and thus he safely carried his screwdriver in his main bag.  

Our defence lawyers skilfully corroborated this by looking at his work history, payslips, and by chasing the prosecution for any evidence that our client was intent on committing any harm. Furthermore, we were determined to chase the police for any evidence that the arrest was lawful or legally required, and requested the body worn camera recordings. 

The prosecution pushed forward the false charges of possession of a bladed article, which our defence solicitors refuted on the simple fact that a screwdriver is not a bladed item. The prosecution then pushed the charge of possession of a weapon, which we strongly refuted by submitting work histories, and defence statements where the client discussed his work as a carpet fitter and the tools he required to do the job. Embarrassed, the prosecution ultimately dropped all false charges, and our client was fully acquitted.  

How We Can Help You: 

Despite having legal reasons to carry tools, our client was still falsely arrested and charged. If you, or someone you know, finds yourself in similar situations, don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re deeply vested in uncovering the truth, defending your rights, and protecting your interests. Contact us now for a free no-obligation consultation, we’re available 24/7.  


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