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Our client, Mr. L was falsely accused of assault during a traffic accident. Despite the conflicting accounts from witnesses and the complainant, our defence lawyers successfully proved that our client had acted in self-defence and feared for his safety.

During a routine drive, Mr. I was cut off by Mr. S on the motorway. After a near-accident on the road, the two pulled over, and Mr. S exited the car. Despite being threatening to Mr. I and Mr. I trying to flee out of fear, Mr. S filed a complaint with the police, resulting in Mr. I’s arrest for assault and threatening behaviour 

Fearful for his safety, he immediately contacted us to represent him. Our criminal defence solicitors sprang to action, determined to uncover the truth about these assault charges. Their investigation began with meticulously analysing the prosecution’s evidence, to uncover any biases or misleading claims against our client. Our assault solicitors also gathered witness statements from others who witnessed the incident on the motorway, and body camera footage from the police, and corroborated our client’s statement with evidence from cameras along the motorway. Furthermore, our assault solicitors gathered evidence on our client’s character and his nature; by gathering character references, our assault solicitors mounted evidence to prove that it was not in his nature to threaten violence towards others.  

Our criminal defence solicitors’ tenacious efforts in gathering and analyzing evidence, along with a strategic analysis, ensured that they uncovered the truth – that Mr. S had assaulted our client by threatening and approaching our client’s car while holding a metal rod. Though our client stepped out of the car to defuse the situation, he was afraid as Mr. S held a weapon. Fearful for his safety, he defended himself and then tried to flee – the mix of fear, anxiety, and adrenaline meant that he was not thinking clearly or rationally and merely wanted to protect himself 

During the assault trial, our defence solicitors submitted overwhelming evidence that pointed to our client’s innocence and argued that our client was not an offender but a victim. Faced with the facts, the jury voted to immediately acquit our client, recognizing the malicious nature of these false charges. Thanks to our criminal defence lawyers’ efforts, our client was able to go home a free man, his faith in justice restored.  

Road rage is a common, contributing factor to accidents – and false accusations of violence, threatening behaviour, and assault. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.  

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