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Accused of theft, assault, and attempted grievous bodily harm, Mr. S received a robust defense from skilled solicitors who meticulously examined evidence, interviewed key witnesses, and highlighted self-defense. Charges were dropped, allowing Mr. S to move forward with his reputation intact.

Mr. S was arrested at Finsbury Park Underground Station in May 2019, under charges of theft, assault by beating, and attempted grievous bodily harm, followed by a report made by his brother, Mr. D. Mr D. claimed that he threatened him with a screwdriver and a kitchen knife in a dramatic confrontation in his home.  

The skilled criminal defence solicitors fought against allegations of grievous bodily harm and theft, meticulously examining evidence and uncovering inconsistencies, liabilities, and biases in the prosecution’s case, while also crafting a compelling defence for their client. Before the trial, the team interviewed key witnesses, cross-referenced evidence and combed over client and witness statements with a fine-toothed comb, to ensure that there were no inconsistencies with the client’s claims.

During the trial, our assault solicitors presented their evidence in court with skill and precision, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to exonerate the client. The team highlighted the fact that Mr. S was acting in self-defence, and that there was no intention to commit theft from his brother. Rather, Mr. S was protecting himself. Despite the client’s absence from the court, the criminal defence solicitors was well-prepared and were able to actively prove his innocence, thanks to the meticulous research done in the lead-up to the trial. The grievous bodily harm & theft charges against Mr. S were dropped, clearing his name and his reputation. Thanks to the efforts, dedication, and thoroughness of the experienced assault solicitors, Mr. S was able to leave these allegations behind him and move forward with his head held high. 

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Being accused of theft and grievous bodily harm can be an extremely challenging time, especially when it could involve friends, family, or loved ones. With an established legal team (and combined experience of over 38 years in the practice), we’re well-suited to help you during these times. If you find yourself being accused of theft, assault, or attempting to cause bodily harm, please don’t delay to contact us 



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