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Avnita Bhudia

Senior Solicitor

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  • A.S

    Company was brilliant from start to finish….the best result possible….Tasnuva dealt with me first who was very professional and then after I dealt with Taylor who was amazing and kept my mind at ease whilst dealing with my case with precision and professionalism….

    Couldn’t recommend them more!

  • Fabian Jones

    Incredible legal team! I couldn't have asked for better representation during the most challenging period of my life. They're genuine care made all the difference in my case.

  • Berivan Murat

    Fantastic service. When I was going through my case they were very comforting and helped keep me sane during my proceedings
    And was patient through my anxiety

  • Henry A

    I am writing this review to highlight the great work and representation received from Stuart Miller from start to finish.

    The partnership with Stuart Miller began at my plead hearing where I met Abu Kibla who thoroughly read through my CPS case and was able to highlight the holes in the case against me he established very quickly there is no grounds for any type of prosecution and ultimately agreed with my plead decision of not guilty. Abu Kibla pushed for a witness summons so Stuart Miller could perform cross examination at trial to help prove the inconsistencies in case. Work the police should of done prior to sending to CPS! Great work from Abu Kibla and I left plead hearing feeling confident for the trial date going in my favour.

    My caseworker Duygu Basiguzel contacted me shortly after the plead hearing and right away something I noticed was Duygu's (Dee) enthusiasm to get me into the offices, this was so she could hear my side of the story and take a statement from me and then together collaborate with me pieces of relevant evidence I had to present CPS. We had two meetings and was able through Duygu's hard work and attention to detail map out a plan of action that would be used at trial during cross examination highlighting the contradictions and inconsistencies between witnesses in case. With such strong evidence of contradictions and inconsistencies Duygu took time out of preparing and planning to write a letter to prosecutors advising them to dismiss case as it was not worthy to bring to court. Throughout time leading to trial Duygu kept in touch with updates and advice.

    On day of trial I met the wonderful Avinta Bhudia senior solicitor who to my surprise had 4-5 pages of questions to ask the witnesses it showed me right away she had read my statement in full it also showed me that the great team at Stuart Miller had worked together in understanding the case. It left me with not much to have to tell Avinta during our pre trial meeting. With Avinta's experience she was able to give me feedback on how to conduct myself in court with the particular judge. Within minutes of cross examination I saw Avinta's skills come into play and the inconsistencies were shown within minutes. It was high level cross examination executed perfectly.

    In all I was found not guilty based on inconsistencies that Avinta managed to highlight in the court room and give the judge no option but to dismiss case which has taken a big weight off my shoulders.

    Thank you for everything to the team at Stuart Miller.

  • Jonathan Hart

    It was my son's first offence and my first time with using criminal solicitors. Stuart Miller were absolutely superb with all our dealings with them. They were so understanding, helpful, professional, and knowledgeable at all times. They made my son and us, his parents, feel confident and optimistic about any outcome. Highly recommended.

  • Osei Prempeh

    Thank you all for your helpful throughout by far the darkest time in my life. I will not forget your support and giving me my life back.


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