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Though our client was accused of murder, our defence lawyers were able to prove his innocence by working with expert witnesses and devising skilful legal strategies, proving that this was a case of self-defence.

Case Overview: 

Mr. H was arrested and accused of murder after the victim, Mr. S was pronounced dead at his apartment. The previous night, Mr. H and Mr. S were drunk with friends and fighting bitterly over remarks made while drinking. The fight escalated, and our client was trapped in a headlock by Mr. S, and tried to bite his way free. Finally a friend, Mr. R, was able to separate the two, and Mr. H went home. However, he realised he forgot his phone back at Mr. S’s house, and went back to retrieve it. Upon his return, Mr. S attacked Mr. H again, and had a knife in his hands. In an attempt to defend himself, Mr. H twisted the knife away from him, and was suddenly pulled away by Mr. R and pushed out of the house.  

The next morning, Mr. H was arrested on suspicion of murder, and contacted us to represent him. 

Our Defence Lawyers’ Efforts: 

With a charge like suspicion of  murder, our defence solicitors first task was to ensure an established series of events, and understand exactly what happened that night. Our defence lawyers worked closely with pathologists and blood spatter experts to examine the bruises on our client, and the blood spatter in the apartment – which could determine the source of impact, how far the victim was, and whether the two were close together (in a physical fight).  

Our lawyers fought tirelessly in obtaining and examining all the evidence that could be used, including body cam footage, and expert testimonies used by the prosecution, to look for any inconsistencies or biases. One key flaw was in the prosecution’s expert orthodontist. The prosecution’s orthodontist claimed bite marks on the victim didn’t match our client, but ignored our client’s dental impressions and assumed an “average person’s” bite. The expert also failed to account for the mark being made during a headlock struggle. Our lawyers’ attention to detail ensured that this biased testimony was mentioned to the jury, to highlight the flaws in the prosecution’s case. 

Our defence solicitors won a hard-fought victory in the trial by uncovering the truth, and presenting witness statements, expert testimonies, and proof of the client and victim’s histories. Thanks to our lawyers’ tireless efforts, detailed legal strategies, and meticulous examination of all the evidence, we proved that our client acted in self-defence in a high-stakes moment. The jury realised the truth and immediately acquitted our client of all false charges.  

How We Can Help You: 

Being accused of a violent, serious crime has significant consequences – including the fact that if you’re arrested for murder charges, you will probably be denied bail and must wait in prison for your trial. If you, or someone you know, finds yourself in similar situations, don’t hesitate to contact us now. With over 38 years of experience, we’re well-versed in defending your rights and protecting your interests. Call us now for a free no-obligation consultation, we’re available 24/7.  


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