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Following a harrowing police interview, our client had all wrongful threats to kill charges dropped thanks to the skilful legal strategies employed by our experienced police station representatives.

A recent case handled by our experienced police station representatives ensured that our client, Mr. D, was able to walk away from the police station with his head held high and cleared of all charges.  

Mr. D was accused of making threats to kill by his ex-partner. Despite having prior convictions, our experienced defence solicitor was able to skilfully and strategically evaluate the case and provide specialised legal advice to ensure that our client clearly state his side of the situation. Furthermore, we proactively and diligently pursued the police officers for clear, objective evidence for this allegation, which they were unable to provide. In this manner, our police station representative was able to quickly and efficiently resolve this matter within the police station, rather than have this go to trial, which could negatively impact our client’s reputation and personal life.  

If you or your loved ones find yourself in similar situations, don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re specialised in providing expert legal advise on all criminal cases, and will try our best to have this resolved within the police station, rather than have it escalate to the courtroom. Call us today for a free no-obligation consultation; we’re available 24/7.  



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