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We at Stuart Miller know how frightening and worrying it can be when you find yourself facing trial, or any other legal matter, and are seeking expert Criminal Defence Lawyers.

Especially when considering your next steps and legal fees. It is vital that you obtain expert legal representation as soon as you can, as the service of Stuart Miller Solicitors.

We take pride in providing a transparent service where the needs of the client are just as important as the legal fees.

In all cases, the fees you will be quoted depending on the severity of the case and this will vary from person to person.

Some of the cases we undertake will be conducted with funding from Legal Aid to help defendants meet the costs of representation at the police station stage, court or tribunals. Entitlement to legal aid is subject to rigorous checks including means tests  and eligibility forms.

For government guidance on filling out eligibility forms for Legal Aid click here.

Road Traffic Offences Pricing Guide

The following provides guidance on costs related solely to summary-only motoring offences under Part I of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and s89 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. Whilst we cannot provide an exhaustive list of all those offences, they include offences such as speeding, no insurance, no licence and careless driving/driving without due care and attention.

Hearing Type Costs – Fixed Fee
1st / Single Hearing which concludes the same day in London £500 plus VAT
1st / Single Hearing which concludes the same day outside of London £1000 plus VAT fixed fee
Single additional hearings £250-500 plus VAT (depending on location)
Contested Trials Please call us to discuss

Basis of Fee

  • Single hearing attendance at the Magistrates Court
  • Presumption you will be entering a Guilty plea or have entered a guilty plea and have a date of hearing

What is included:

  1. Obtaining and considering evidence;
  2. taking your instructions;
  3. Advising on procedure, law, defences and offences;
  4. Providing advice on plea and likely sentences and options for the Court
  5. Attendance and representation at a single hearing at the Magistrates Court

What is not included:

  1. Instruction of any expert witnesses;
  2. Taking statements from any witnesses;
  3. Advice and assistance in relation to a “special reasons” hearing unless you are specifically instructing the firm to attend a “special reasons” hearing;
  4. Advice or assistance in relation to any appeal;
  5. Any additional hearings should the matter be adjourned;
  6. Disbursements


If you are enquiring in relation to a trial the costs will depend on various factors including complexity, the number of witnesses, points of law, the volume of evidence, location of court among other factors and we would encourage you to call us to discuss the matter so we can provide you with an accurate quote/estimation of costs.

Additional Fees:

If a case is particularly complex or unusual then we may have to revise/depart from the fees mentioned above. We will of course have a consultation with you regarding this. Any of the factors listed in the “what is not included’ section above are examples of what would incur additional fees.

However other factors which may increase costs are:

  1. Large volume of evidence
  2. Large amount of witnesses
  3. Unusual or Complex case
  4. Location

All of our qualified Solicitors and Case Workers take on these types of cases. Their experience is set out in their personal profiles on the website.

Police Station Representation Pricing Guide:

Do you want to know what it will cost to have a Stuart Miller Solicitor represent you at the police station?

At the Police Station stage, everyone regardless of their financial status is entitled to free legal advice and representation.

When asked at the police station if you would like a solicitor, ask for Stuart Miller Solicitors, and one of our expert Police Station advisors will come to meet you there.

If you are being asked to attend a police station for an interview or interview under caution, reach out to us before your interview and we will assist you.

The fees quoted will be subject to your income and the severity of the case.

The quoted private fee for police station representation and administrative work is an average of £1500-2500 plus VAT.


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