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Conspiracy to Rape is an offence in UK law. It can be explained at the act of working together with one or more other people on a plan to make a dishonest representation for your advantage or to cause another a loss or to expose them to a risk of loss.

In law, a conspiracy to rape offence is considered to be extremely serious. Planning and plotting with another to rape a person is a crime that the courts can hand out severe penalties for, which in some cases may be in the form of imprisonment.

For the accused to be convicted, the prosecution must demonstrate to the judge and jury that the alleged offenders were acting together, in an express or implied or assumed ‘agreement’. The prosecution team must also prove, with direct or circumstantial evidence, the intention to rape a person.

The severity of the conspiracy to rape offence means that if you are found guilty and convicted, a stiff and hefty sentence of imprisonment may be given. The penalty may be as much as tens of years or in the worst cases, a life sentence in prison.

Being invited to the police station for a ‘chat’ or being charged or arrested is very stressful for both you and your immediate circle. Everybody is going to be feeling anxious about what might happen next.

You must hire a competent and capable lawyer who has extensive experience in this area of law. They will be able to provide you with the support you need from the initial stages of the investigation through to its conclusion. A case of this nature could negatively affect your future in many ways if it doesn’t have an outcome that is in your favour.

Have you been charged or arrested with Conspiracy to Rape?   

Being involved in a conspiracy to rape case isn’t something that anybody would enjoy.  Most people find it to be quite frightening.

In certain situations, the accused has not had any involvement, and the allegations are false. They’ve had no responsibility for the crime and should not be part of the investigation.

In some cases the police make mistakes, and in others, people act maliciously by telling the police names of people who were not there. The accuser may even be embarrassed that they have been flirting with the accused and then fabricate a story to hide their shame.

Only a competent lawyer has any chance of getting a name cleared from some of these very concerning situations.

On this page, we have listed out some of the questions that we get asked by our clients. If you have a question and you cannot find an answer to it here, feel free to contact us. We can provide you with answers without charge so that you can gain clarity on this offence and its potential outcomes. Call us on 0208 888 5225 or use our contact form.

Please note that Stuart Miller is here to support you in any way that we can.

What is conspiracy to rape?

In a situation where two or more people plan and agree to commit the offence of rape, it’s classified as a situation of conspiracy to rape.

It’s now the role of the prosecution to root out evidence and build a case where the person/s can be found guilty and convicted of the conspiracy to rape crime. They will need to prove an agreement whether it’s direct, implied or assumed.

What happens in a case of conspiracy to rape?

Anybody who is involved in an investigation into a conspiracy to rape case will find the situation stressful. There will be much concern about how dependents will manage without you if you are found to be guilty and convicted. There will also be stress about your professional reputation and future career.

Due to the nature of an investigation such as this, it’s critical that you take on the legal services of somebody with deep expertise in this area of law.

Conspiracy to rape trials are typically held before a judge and a jury at the Crown Court. There may also need to be an appearance at the Magistrates Court prior to the case heard at the Crown Court.

It is very challenging to navigate to a trial of this nature, you need support, and you also need to feel that you have the best person to get you the best possible outcome.

Have you been falsely accused of Conspiracy to Rape?  

In some cases, people are falsely accused of conspiracy to rape. If you feel this is your situation, then you must get some competent legal professionals to help you. By hiring those who have a good reputation in this area of law, you may even find that the case can be dismissed before it reaches the court.

A lawyer gives you the support you need

If you discover that you or your loved one are under investigation as part of a conspiracy to rape charge, it’s typical that you’ll be invited to the police station for an interview.

The police are trained to secure convictions. They use all manner of tactics, one of them being that they will not tell you about all the evidence they have on you. The purpose of this is so that you are more likely to say something that could incriminate yourself. This is why you must have a good lawyer by your side who can help you to navigate police interviews successfully.

Instruct a legal professional as soon as possible

No doubt going to any police interview without taking a good lawyer with you could put you in danger of being incriminated.

Navigating the most probing of questions in a high-pressure environment can be very taxing. All the while, the police will be trying to trick you into saying something that could land you in prison. They work hard to gain convictions.

Without guidance from a knowledgeable lawyer, you may well be charged at the close of the interview.

Can the police search my home?

To be able to search your home, the police will request the court to issue a search warrant. This may also cover your workplace. In addition to performing a physical search, the police will search your smartphone, tablet and computer.

In some cases, you may even be put under police surveillance. The police will be keen to understand more about you, and this may include capturing any conversations and communications that you have with others. It may also be of interest to the police to discover how you spend your free time and where you go.

Your workplace may also be searched, which might be very uncomfortable for you.

Hiring a good lawyer before the investigation reaches this stage could even shield you from having to undergo any of these activities. In some cases, a competent lawyer can get you removed from the case.

Could you go to prison for conspiracy to rape?

If you are found to be guilty of conspiracy to rape, you will be convicted and given a sentence of imprisonment. This will be a very concerning time for both you and your family. This is why it is so important to take on the services of a good lawyer who has experience of the conspiracy to rape offence and related trials.

You must engage a criminal solicitor or murder lawyer who handles conspiracy to rape cases regularly.

What type of sentence could you get for conspiracy to rape?

Conspiracy to rape is one of the most severe sexual offences in law. If convicted, you could be handed a prison sentence. The length of the prison sentence will depend on what happened in the crime. If you played a leading role, you are likely to receive a heftier penalty.

Typically, a conspiracy to rape case is heard at a Crown Court. The prosecution team will attempt to convince the jury to find you guilty and therefore get you convicted.

Read more about sentencing for Conspiracy to Rape offences

What mitigating factors may be considered in sentencing?

When two or more people are planning or agreeing to take part in a crime, it’s considered by the courts to be a significant crime. For this, the court often hands our hefty penalties. The severity of the penalty will depend on your involvement, how serious the crime is, and whether it was carried through or not.

Other mitigating factors may include how you live your life. For example, if you are the only person who is taking care of a dependent, then that may be considered. If you have not had any involvement in any crime before this, that may also be considered when deciding which sentence or penalty you should be given.

Does a conviction for conspiracy to rape go on your criminal record?

If your conspiracy to rape progresses to court, and you are found guilty and convicted, you will be given a permanent criminal record.

Having a criminal record can negatively impact your future in many different ways. Whether you can get a decent job in your chosen career, or be offered financial lending solutions, such as a mortgage can all depend on your criminal history.

What can Stuart Miller Solicitors do to help?

With more than three decades of being in the legal field, the depth and breadth of our experience and expertise are vast. We’ve defended the accused in complex conspiracy to rape cases and achieved remarkable outcomes.

What we do differently is when required, we will put every legal mind we have on a case. By doing this, it means that we have a far more reliable defence strategy as we use the experience of all of our team to best effect.

We understand how stressful this can be for you and your family. Nobody wants to have their name linked to a case of this nature. It can have a very detrimental effect on all areas of life.

It’s our responsibility to ensure that you and your family are kept up to date on the case, at the level that you want. This way, it keeps stress levels lowers as you understand what is going to happen next and what the potential outcome might be.

Arrange a chat with us about your conspiracy to rape allegations

We invite you to contact us today to either have a no-obligation chat about your unique situation or to understand more about how we can help you. You can reach us via our contact form or by calling us on 0208 888 5225.

What will happen if I hire a lawyer?

Our first goal will be to understand what has happened and what your involvement was. We can then begin work on crafting a strong defence strategy that will get you the most favourable outcome possible.

The reputation of Stuart Miller Solicitors is based on the dedication, vigour and proactive representation that we invest in every case that we take on. We have had years of experience in defending the accused in conspiracy to rape cases and have secured some exceptional outcomes.

Not settling for anything less than the best means that we don’t take chances with the law. Where possible, we will use the skills and expertise of our forensic analysts. They will look at any evidence that the prosecution has to find ways to weaken it.

Our defence strategies are designed to be as watertight as possible. We cannot promise to get every client off every charge, but we can guarantee that you’ll get a much better outcome than if you didn’t use Stuart Miller Solicitors.

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Nobody wants to be involved in a situation of this nature. We understand how awkward it can be in terms of your career and your reputation.


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