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Criminal Offences

Our expert criminal defence solicitors can assist with the following offences.

Conspiracy to Commit Bank Robbery

Conspiracy to commit bank robbery is considered to be a severe crime in UK law.

Read how we may be able help you get this matter dropped before it reaches a court.

Conspiracy to Commit Extortion

Conspiracy to commit extortion is an offence taken seriously in English Law. The courts take it seriously and can give stiff penalties to deter others from taking part in any other crimes of a similar nature.

Attempted Murder

In law, murder is considered to be the most serious offence, with attempted murder close. Murder is described as, 'where one person, of sound mind, unlawfully kills another with the intention to kill or to cause grievous bodily harm'.

Conspiracy to Commit GBH

The crime of conspiracy to commit GBH (grievous bodily harm) or plotting with one or more other people to wound is one of the most serious offences, short of murder.

Conspiracy to Commit Perjury

Conspiracy to commit perjury can also be known as conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. It’s when two or more people agree to not tell the truth in court and to be lawfully sworn in as a witness, but agree not to tell the truth.

Conspiracy to Commit Robbery

The courts have always taken any offence that involves conspiracy very seriously, this is also true of conspiracy to commit robbery. Conspiracy can be defined as when two or more people agree, either explicitly or by assumption, that they will collude to commit a crime.

Conspiracy to Kidnap

Conspiracy to kidnap is a severe offence of English law. It’s when there is an agreement to act together to kidnap a person or persons.

Conspiracy to Pervert The Course of Justice

The offence of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice is when two or more people agree to prevent justice from being served on somebody. That ‘somebody’ may be one of the people involved in the conspiracy, all of them or somebody else.


Kidnapping a person, whether an adult or a child, is a severe offence. It is an area of law that judges don’t take lightly.


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