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The crime of conspiracy to commit GBH (grievous bodily harm) or plotting with one or more other people to wound is one of the most serious offences, short of murder.

In British law, a conspiracy is any plot, plan or agreement that is assumed, implied or expressed.

The crime of conspiracy to commit GBH (grievous bodily harm) or plotting with one or more other people to wound is one of the most serious offences, short of murder. The courts do not take any crime that is conspired lightly.

Depending on what has happened, there may even be a long prison sentence handed to those who are convicted of this crime. This can leave dependents in a vulnerable financial position as it would be tough to make an income when imprisoned and future career prospects could be negatively impacted.

Anybody who is arrested or charged for conspiracy to commit GBH can find it to be very stressful. Feeling anxious and stressed is entirely understandable if you or a loved one are involved in an investigation of this nature.

To prove involvement in a conspiracy to commit GBH offence, the prosecution must show that those accused were acting together, in an expressed, implied or assumed ‘agreement’. They must also show, with direct or circumstantial evidence, the intent to cause serious injury.

Securing a competent and experienced solicitor to support you throughout the investigation is vital. You will need legal help from the initial police interview through to your court appearance and the end of the trial.

In certain situations, some legal professionals will even be able to find a way for your case to be dismissed before it reaches the court stage.

Have you been charged or arrested for conspiracy to commit GBH? 

Even if the crime of GBH was not committed, just plotting and planning it with another will be enough to get you convicted.

If the crime has been committed, then it is important to note the following points:

GBH is a serious crime that can carry a penalty stretching anywhere from as harsh as life imprisonment to something less severe such as a maximum of five years inside. People can be hurt both physically and psychologically in a crime of this nature.

No matter what has happened, this is a situation that is worrying for anybody. There is likely to be a lot of investigation and an instruction to attend a court case.

Some of the people that we help with legal advice have not even been involved in any crime. Our clients are sometimes accused either in error or as part of a mud-slinging session in an attempt by police to find out who was involved in a crime.

Read on to discover answers to some of your questions. We aim to inform you about your options when it comes to giving yourself some protection against being found guilty in court and receiving a criminal record and a stiff penalty.

What type of actions are considered conspiracy to commit GBH?

Here are some examples of further details that may be part of a case of conspiracy to commit GBH and may have led to the situation at hand. These are situations where the conspiracy to commit GBH has led to a situation where somebody has been harmed.

Facial disfigurement – this might be from receiving a blow to the face that breaks a cheekbone or may even fracture a skull. Visible disfigurement may include loss of sensory function.

A stabbing incident – the accused may have been found with a knife in their possession after having stabbed somebody. If they left home with the intention of injuring somebody, then this will fall under the category of GBH with intent.

What happens in a conspiracy to commit GBH investigation?

Conspiracy to commit GBH is the crime of plotting or planning to harm a victim. The plan may be to injure somebody with a knife or another weapon.

Considered by the courts to be a grave offence, even if no action was taken to carry out the plot, the courts could punish the convicted with as much as life imprisonment. What the courts decide in terms of penalty will be based on what was planned, what the intent was, and what level of violence was being considered. There will also be some consideration given to any previous criminal history of the offender.

Have you been falsely accused of conspiracy to commit GBH?

Some of our clients are accused of being involved in a conspiracy to commit GBH when they are innocent. If this is in alignment with your experience, then it is critical that you get in touch with us as soon as possible. Taking early action in cases like this can often result in the case being dismissed before a court date is issued.

Hire a good lawyer as soon as you can

Under no circumstances should you attend a police interview without the support of a competent legal professional. Being taken to an interview room and asked probing questions without a lawyer has been the downfall of many who have been found guilty and convicted. Your meeting will be recorded and used in court if the police deem it useful to help convict you.

The primary benefit of taking on a lawyer at this stage is that they can gain access to all the evidence the police have on you. This means that you will be less likely to incriminate yourself by saying the wrong thing.

Have you been arrested or charged with conspiracy to commit GBH?

Nothing compares to the peace of mind that can come from hiring specialist legal help. If you are arrested or charged or are in custody, you may want to call our emergency number to request the help of a lawyer. Call 07980 000 076 at any time of day or night for assistance. In some circumstances, a lawyer may even get your case dismissed.

Will my home be searched by the police?

As prosecutors, the police will be keen to secure evidence that demonstrates your involvement in the conspiracy to commit GBH offence. To gain legal access to search your home, the police will need to request a search warrant from a magistrate or judge. The police may go beyond searching your home and look for evidence at your workplace.

The police will look for anything that will help them to secure a conviction. The evidence they will seek might be from your smartphone, phone bill, emails or WhatsApp messages. All of these may give the police some understanding of where you were on important dates and times.

Could you go to prison for a conspiracy to commit GBH offence?

A crime of this nature is taken seriously by the courts. If you are convicted of a conspiracy to commit GBH crime, then it is quite likely that you will be penalised with a prison sentence. The length of the sentence could range from just six months to life imprisonment, depending on what happened and the role you played in the crime.

What might mitigating factors be in sentencing?

There will be consideration of what happened and what you did in the conspiracy to commit GBH offence. What was the level of violence plotted, who was to execute it, and what are the previous offences of the accused?

What type of sentence could you get for conspiracy to commit GBH?

If you are convicted of conspiracy to commit GBH, you may be sentenced with anything from a few months to life imprisonment, depending on what has happened.

Read more about sentencing for Conspiracy to Commit GBH offences

Does a conviction for conspiracy to commit GBH go on your criminal record?

When it comes to offences that are as serious as conspiracy to commit GBH, a conviction will mean the issuance of a permanent criminal record. Your future career, financial options and other potential opportunities can all be affected.

To secure the best possible defence, you must hire a solicitor who has experience of defending conspiracy to commit GBH offences. Your future and future liberty are at risk and need to be protected. Only a legal professional with determination and the right expertise will be able to help you.

How can the team at Stuart Miller Solicitors help?

Using three decades of experience and networking building, the lawyers at Stuart Millers are some of the best in the country. Our track record is proven and impressive. We have secured significant acquittals. By taking a proactive approach in providing you with a defence that is as watertight as possible, you’re likely to get the best possible outcome.

How we defend conspiracy to commit GBH prosecutions

Our team has vast experience at using all evidence to develop a robust defence for every client we represent. Every piece of evidence that the prosecutors want to use will be examined and inspected for holes and weaknesses so that we can challenge its legality.

In addition to contesting evidence provided by witnesses, we will ensure that any other evidence is lawfully obtained. Even if we have to search far and wide to find your witnesses, knocking on doors and trawling information, we are committed to going all out to give you the best possible defence. Creating the best viable case defence strategy is our primary goal.

With a reputation of supporting our clients every step of the way, our legal team will be right by your side whether you’re in the police station or you have questions about what the likely outcome of your case will be. A barrister will be added to the team who ensure that we approach your case in the most dynamic way to secure the best possible outcome.

The benefit of having decades of experience in defending conspiracy to commit GBH cases is that we know the law inside out.

As soon as you discover that you’re going to be investigated as part of a conspiracy to commit GBH case, you must contact us so that we can start working on your case immediately.

What will happen when I instruct a Conspiracy to commit GBH lawyer?

Our legal team have had great success when it comes to defending the accused in conspiracy to commit GBH cases. This is an area of law in which our team has been actively involved for over thirty years. Our successes include some hefty acquittals that other legal professionals would not have dared to take on.

Every member of our team is very determined and proactive in their approach. The first step will be for us to contact the police to understand what they are accusing you of and why. Once we have enough information, we will be in a position to begin crafting a robust and in some cases, bullet-proof defence.

Peace of mind is the first thing you’ll feel when you get our team on your side. You will feel a lot more at ease about the situation as you’ll know that we are handling it for you. We have a specialist team who are very up to date on assault laws.

Would you like to discuss your case before instructing us?

Call us now for a no-obligation chat so that you can understand what’s involved when you hire Stuart Miller Solicitors to represent you.

Not only will we give you a free consultation, but we can send one of the legal team to the police station to guide your next step. Our team will also investigate how we can secure legal aid to support you at this difficult time. Giving you support and help is what we are here for.

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