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In law, murder is considered to be the most serious offence, with attempted murder close. Murder is described as, 'where one person, of sound mind, unlawfully kills another with the intention to kill or to cause grievous bodily harm'.

There is a line drawn between the offences of murder and manslaughter based on the intention of the accused, how blameworthy they are and whether they raise a defence. The most common arguments to attempted murder are self-defence, loss of control (previously known as provocation) and diminished responsibility.

Attempted murder is a very grave offence. Being found guilty is likely to mean that you’re handed a penalty which may be as long as life imprisonment.

If you or a loved one is invited to the police station for a chat, is charged or arrested, it will be a very concerning time for all involved.

It’s at this time that it’s vital to secure an experienced and competent solicitor who can provide the necessary legal guidance and support for the investigation. Assistance will be required from the police interview through to the court appearance.

As soon as you hear that you’re under investigation or about to be charged with this offence, you must make contact with a legal professional. You’ll need support and legal guidance throughout the inquiry through to the court case. Hiring a quality legal representative may mean that your case may even be dismissed by the courts depending on the experience of your lawyer.

Have you been charged or arrested for attempted murder? 

Anybody who is part of an investigation into an attempted murder case will feel stressed out and anxious about the potential outcome.

In certain situations, people can be accused of playing a role, but the truth is that they haven’t. In these cases, it’s vital to get your name unlinked to the crime.

On this page you’ll find some of the questions that our attempted murder offence clients ask with some answers If you don’t see the information that you’re looking for, then we invite you to call us for a no-obligation chat. Our legal team are friendly and happy to discuss your concerns and situation with you. You can fill out our contact form or call us on 0208 888 5225.

You can count on us to support you at this challenging time.

What is attempted murder?

Attempted murder can be acted out in many different ways. Some examples of how it manifests are:

  • street fighting that has got out of hand
  • gangland fights involving the use of firearms
  • robbery conspiracies that have gone wrong, and several people have died as a result.

What occurs in a case of attempted murder?

Being under investigation for any crime is stressful. This is more the case with attempted murder due to the seriousness of the offence. Anxiety, nervousness and fear are all likely to be emotions felt when thinking about what happened and what the outcome of the case may be.

This is why it’s so essential to engage the services of a lawyer with experience of this legal field.

Attempted murder trials are typically hosted by the Crown Court. A judge and jury will be present and they will decide whether you are guilty or not.

The case will likely have a lot of evidence for the judge and jury to examine. This may include forensic findings collected by SOCOs (Scene of Crime Officers). Also, DNA deposits, fingerprints, footprints and blood splatters which will contribute to deciding what did what during the murder.

Mobile phones, Whatsapp, Social Media, tablets and laptops will all also be examined for evidence.

A case of this nature can be incredible stressful. Engaging a solicitor who has experience with all aspects of a murder trial will help you to feel more confident about getting the most favourable outcome. The solicitor will have a network of expert witnesses who they can call on to provide evidence in your defence.

Although every case is unique, included every attempted murder case, it is crucial to speak with a lawyer who can advise you on what your options are, what you should tell the police and what your chances are of getting a favourable outcome.

Being supported by a legal professional will make you feel much better. Not only will you be guided into taking the right decisions, but you’ll know that you have somebody backing you with your best interests at heart.

Have you been falsely accused of attempted murder?

Some legal situations point towards somebody being wrongly accused of the act of attempted murder. If you believe this is your situation, then you must make contact with a lawyer who has experience in defending attempted murder cases. You need proper support and somebody to tell you what you need to say and do to get this situation reversed.

There’s a good chance that an experienced lawyer will be able to get your case dismissed.

A favourite tactic of the prosecution is to throw mud to see what sticks. They want to find out who did what in a crime and sometimes this is the only way they believe they can do that.

Hire a lawyer to find out more at the interview

If you’re part of an investigation into attempted murder, the police will probably invite you to have a meeting or conversation with them.

Hire a lawyer, and you won’t need to go through one of the police’s favourite prosecution tactics. Withholding evidence so that you are unaware of it and may potentially incriminate yourself is one way of getting you into the court system.

Hire a lawyer as soon as you can

Nobody should go to a police interview without being accompanied by a criminal solicitor with experience of the offence they are being charged with.

Asking probing questions in an environment that is high pressure, is a favourite of the police. Most people find this a very uncomfortable situation. The police are trying to put you under so much pressure that you crack and potentially say the ‘wrong’ thing. If you hire an experienced lawyer, they will advise you on what to say and what not to say.

If you don’t have somebody to guide you, the police may charge you at the end of the interview.

Can the police search my home?

The police are going to be keen to find more evidence on your possible involvement in the attempted murder offence. Requesting a search warrant from a judge or magistrate so that they can search your home, or your workplace will be their next step. They may also want to look at the paperwork that gives them an idea of what your potential motive was, including telephone bills, bank statements and money transfers.

Does a conviction of attempted murder mean a prison sentence?

Going through a court case, being found guilty and then being convicted of attempted murder is most likely going to lead to a prison sentence.

It’s a very anxiety-filled time for both you and your family. Hiring a lawyer is essential so that you can give yourself the best possible defence and protection.

What is the penalty for attempted murder?

Being one of the most serious crimes possible, attempted murder typically has a severe penalty attached to it. If you’re convicted, it’s usual to be given a life sentence. Taking somebody’s life, or attempting to, in this case, you’ll be at the mercy of the Parole Board. You’ll stay in prison until release, which is where the Parole Board comes in. The Parole Board will decide when you can be released, and you will most likely be under licence for the rest of your life.

Read more about sentencing for Attempted Murder offences

What factors are considered when sentencing?

For serious crimes, the heftiest penalties are given. When it comes to attempted murder, you’re likely to get a prison sentence. However, there will still be some consideration given to what the circumstances were and what your personal circumstances are.

Read more about potential defences for Attempted Murder offences.

Does a conviction for attempted murder go on your criminal record?

If your attempted murder progresses to court, and you are found guilty and convicted, you will be given a permanent criminal record.

What can Stuart Miller Solicitors do to help?

The legal team at Stuart Miller Solicitors has had more than three decades at dealing with all manner of offences. We defend crimes from the most minor offences, to the most serious such as attempted murder and manslaughter cases.

We understand what pressure you’re under and how this could potentially affect your future in every way. Our team are known for not only giving you the legal guidance that you need, but also the support and guidance that will make all the difference to your personal situation.

The reputation of our firm is based on it’s successes. In addition we have built up a valuable network of forensic analysts (expert witnesses), QCs and Barristers. In many attempted murder cases, there is a lot of evidence captured from telephone and covert surveillance. Our forensic analysts will look for weaknesses in that evidence to find where it can be used to support you, rather than against you.

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What will happen when I instruct a lawyer?

You’ll be assigned one of our most experienced lawyers who have extensive and immense expertise in defending murder, attempted murder and manslaughter cases. Your lawyer will have documented success which you can read about in the cases section of this website.

The legal team of Stuart Miller Solicitors are known for their vigour and determination at winning cases. Those cases that they do not win, they manage to secure far more favourable outcomes than might usually be expected. We settle for nothing less than the best, and know how important it is to ensure that you get the best possible defence and support.

The solicitor will discuss your situation with you. We will go over what happened, who was involved and what your role was. Once we have a good understanding of your case we can then advise you on the best action to take to give you the most favourable outcome.

We can look into securing legal aid for you. If you don’t qualify for legal aid, then you should know that we offer the most competitive rates for legal representation and will inform you of the costs upfront where we can.

Want to discuss your case before instructing us?

Contact us today for a no-obligation chat about your personal situation. If you’d like to get to know us better before you hire us, then we are here for you.

We can meet with you face to face, by phone or even by video call. During the conversation, we can discuss what happened and what they may mean in a court case. We will also run through what the potential outcome might be if you’re found to be guilty and convicted.



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