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A woman accused of stabbing her husband was found not guilty in less than an hour - after defence lawyers revealed how she had been subjected to years of abuse.

Mrs K was charged with assault after her partner claimed he had been stabbed during a row at their home.

He claimed he was knifed shortly after phoning police to say: “My wife has lost the plot.

“She has a knife and is threatening to kill me.”

The husband was found outside his house when officers arrived with stab wounds to his forearms and a cut wrist.

Mrs K admitted to police that she had made the threat but vehemently denied stabbing her husband.

She claimed that she had been punched by her partner and showed officers her bloodied gums and missing tooth.

Stuart Miller Solicitors was instructed to represent Mrs K, who was brought to court charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.

Lawyers quickly established that their client suffered from a mental health condition and instructed a top psychiatrist to carry out an examination.

She then laid bare years of abuse at the hands of her alcoholic husband.

A spokesman said: “Upon conclusion of the assessment and report, it was clear that the years of abuse which Mrs K has suffered throughout her 40-year relationship had significantly affected her mental health.”

At trial, prosecutors relied on images of the knife which Mrs K was alleged to have used, images of knife marks on her husband’s bedroom door and traces of blood found on his bed.

But tests revealed that none of Mrs K’s blood was on the knife.

The spokesman continued: “The prosecution suggested that the blood traces on the complainant’s bed was as a result of Mrs K stabbing him.

“We challenged this and asked the prosecution to provide evidence of the defendant’s blood traces on the knife. The prosecution was unable to do this.”

With the lack of blood evidence, Mrs K’s lack of criminal record and evidence of her husband’s alcohol addiction, a jury returned with a not guilty verdict in just 56 minutes.


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