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Conspiracy to commit perjury can also be known as conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. It’s when two or more people agree to not tell the truth in court and to be lawfully sworn in as a witness, but agree not to tell the truth.

Conspiracy is a crime that is taken seriously by UK courts. It can be paired with many different crimes such as murder, rape, kidnapping and handling stolen goods.

Being involved in a conspiracy crime in addition to committing the crime can result in some harsh sentencing.

To prove conspiracy to commit perjury, the prosecution must show that those accused were acting together, in an express or implied or assumed ‘agreement’. They must also show, with direct or circumstantial evidence, the intention to not tell the truth when under oath in court.

If there has been a charge, an arrest or an invitation to the police station for either yourself or a loved one, there will be feelings of nervousness, anxiety and concern.

It’s at this time that it’s critical that you secure the services of a lawyer who is experienced in defending conspiracy to commit perjury cases in the UK. A competent solicitor would provide you with the support you need to navigate the legal process of this offence. You will be guided from the initial stages of the investigation through to the end of the trial. There is a possibility that the lawyer can get your case dismissed before it reaches court.

Have you been charged or arrested for conspiracy to commit perjury? 

If you find yourself or a loved one at the centre of an investigation into conspiracy to commit perjury, you’ll be feeling concerned. There will be concern about what the outcome might be, in particular, if you’re found guilty.

We are often asked to help people who have been accused of playing a role in a crime, but they have not. In these situations, we work to get your name cleared and any connection to the offence removed from your record.

We have put together some questions and answers to help to explain the legal framework of the conspiracy to commit perjury law. If you have questions that are not listed here, get in touch with us on 0208 888 5225 or use our contact form and we can provide you with an answer.

We aim to support you in every way we can while you go through this challenging time.

What type of actions are considered for conspiracy to commit perjury?

A conspiracy to commit perjury offence is when two or more people agree to lie under oath in court.

The aim of the prosecution team will be to demonstrate that there was some kind of an agreement between the accused and that they were acting together. This may be implied or assumed, but to lie in court was intended.

Examples of this might be when a friend is in court, another friend may agree with the accused to give them an alibi.

What happens in a case of conspiracy to commit perjury?

There’s no doubt that anybody who is under investigation for the offence of conspiracy to commit perjury will find the experience very worrying. There will be anxiety, nerves and concerns about what the outcome of this could be. For example, if it leads to imprisonment, how will dependents manage to pay rent and buy food without their income.

This is one of the reasons why you must hire a lawyer who has experience and expertise in this area of law.

Most conspiracy to commit perjury trials will be held before a judge and jury at a Crown Court.

The police will likely be prosecuting you, and they will be collecting evidence that can be used against you. This evidence may be sourced from paperwork, or digital sources such as your mobile phone, apps and social media accounts.

Despite every case of conspiracy to commit perjury being unique, there is one point that ties each one together. Taking on a lawyer who knows how to develop a robust defence can make all the difference to the outcome.

Have you been falsely accused of Conspiracy to commit perjury?

Some of our clients come to us because they have been accused of conspiracy to commit perjury, when in fact, they have not been involved. If this sounds familiar to you and you find yourself in a similar situation, you must find a lawyer who has the skills and experience to ensure that you are removed from the case.

In some situations, the police will throw mud to find out who was involved in a case. A legal team which has in-depth experience of conspiracy to commit perjury cases can extract you from involvement and ensure that you don’t have to attend court or be involved in future proceedings.

Find out more before the police interview you

The police quite often have evidence that they will not want to disclose unless they have to. Without a lawyer defending you and ensuring you get what is due to you, you’re unlikely to be told what this evidence is. The police will hold onto it to see if they can get you to incriminate yourself before they disclose it. The value of a competent lawyer under these circumstances really can make a difference.

Instruct a legal professional as soon as possible

Attending a police interview, without being accompanied by a lawyer can put you into even deeper water.

Sitting in a high-pressure environment with highly trained police officers as they ask you probing questions can be very uncomfortable. Quite often, the police will have evidence against you, of which you are entirely unaware. They will be working on tripping you up so that you land yourself in trouble. Their goal is to gain a conviction.

Without guidance, there is a chance that you will be charged with conspiracy at the end of the interview.

Can the police search my home?

A search warrant will be requested from a judge or a magistrate. The police will come to your home or your workplace to look for any evidence that they can use against you in court. You may even be put under surveillance along with your friends and family.

Could you go to prison for Conspiracy to commit perjury?

If you’re found guilty of conspiracy to commit perjury, you could be imprisoned. Of course, this will be a worrying time for you and your family. For these reasons, you must take the right steps to protect the wellbeing of you and your family.

You must engage a solicitor or lawyer who handles conspiracy to commit perjury cases regularly.

What type of sentence could you get for conspiracy to commit perjury?

Conspiracy to commit perjury is one of the most severe offences in law. If convicted, you’ll be handed a life sentence which will have life-long consequences. You’ll stay in prison until release which will be decided by the Parole Board, at which point you will be under licence for the rest of your life.

Conspiracy to commit perjury cases are heard at a Crown Court. If the jury finds you guilty and you are convicted, in the most serious of cases, the maximum prison time you will receive is life imprisonment.

Read more about sentencing for Conspiracy to Commit Perjury offences

What mitigating factors may be considered in sentencing?

When two or more people are planning or agreeing to take part in a crime, it’s considered by the courts to be a serious crime. For this, the court often hands our hefty penalties. To what extent the penalties will affect you will depend on your involvement, how serious the crime is and whether it was carried through or not.

Does a conviction for Conspiracy to commit perjury go on your criminal record?

If your conspiracy to commit perjury progresses to court, and you are found guilty and convicted, you will be given a permanent criminal record.

How Can Stuart Miller Solicitors Help?

Holding more than 30 years of experience, our lawyers have built up a lot of expertise and know-how when it comes to handling complex conspiracy to commit perjury cases. Facing cases of this nature is challenging for our clients, and we are aware that only the most dedicated team can secure success.

Stuart Miller is a legal firm that you can depend on. Communicating and updating loved ones and family members so that they can understand and stay up to date with the proceedings is vital. We put some of the most experienced and skilled legal minds in every case so that you can trust that you’ll get the most favourable outcome.

Our recent successful conspiracy cases

We have secured acquittals in allegations of conspiracy to commit perjury cases. It’s an area of law in which we excel and are equipped to challenge the most difficult circumstances.

Having been established for several decades, our network of legal experts is vast. We have a strong team of the best forensic experts, QCs and barristers who will work with you to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Most cases of this nature involve evidence that needs to be examined carefully to find weaknesses. The expertise of our forensic analysts means that we can often find new ways to give you the upper hand in the case.

The support that our solicitors give to clients is recognised across the UK, and most of our clients come to us from word of mouth. The reputation that we’ve established in the legal field, in particular for conspiracy to commit perjury cases is second to none.

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What will happen when I instruct a lawyer?

With more than 50 acquittals in conspiracy cases, our Criminal Solicitors have immense expertise in this field with documented success in a catalogue of cases. You can find out more information about our accomplishments in the case area of this website.

If there’s one thing we are proud of, it’s the vigour with which our lawyers approach every case that we take on. It takes a level of dedication and determination to be pro-active and thorough in any conspiracy to commit perjury case. Any lawyer must settle for nothing less than the best in terms of defence. Our team will examine all the evidence against you to look for the smallest cracks and holes that can be used to your advantage.

Once you hire us, we will engage with our forensic experts and barristers to give you the best possible arguments against why you were not involved, or had minimal involvement, depending on what the circumstances are.

The legal team of Stuart Miller Solicitors is highly experienced in many fields of law. Ready to defend you and provide you with the support you need, whether you’ve only just discovered that you’re a person of interest, or if you’ve been arrested.

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