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Conspiracy to handle stolen goods is when two or more people make an agreement to handle stolen goods.

The role of a prosecution will be to demonstrate that there is an agreement between those involved to act together with regards to handling stolen goods. The deal will need to be shown to be assumed, express or implied.

Anybody who has been told that they are part of an investigation into a conspiracy to handle stolen goods case will be feeling concerned about what the outcome might be.

When you discover that you’re part of an investigation into a conspiracy to handle stolen goods case, you must hire a competent solicitor. Law in the United Kingdom can be very complicated, and without knowing it well, it would be very challenging to defend yourself. A good lawyer may even be able to get your case dismissed before reaching court.

Have you been charged or arrested for conspiracy to handle stolen goods? 

Anybody who has been charged or arrested in connection with a conspiracy to handle stolen goods case will feel very uncomfortable about what is going to happen.

In certain situations, there can be blame placed and accusations when, in reality, a person is entirely innocent. If this is you, it’s vital that you hire the services of a good lawyer who will be able to get your name cleared.

We aim to provide you with support and guidance to help you through at this challenging time. We’ve defended many conspiracies to handle stolen goods cases, and these are some of the questions that we typically get from our clients. If you cannot find answers here on what you need to know, then call us on 0208 888 5225 or use our contact form and we will provide you with answers.

What type of actions are considered for conspiracy to handle stolen goods?

Conspiracy is defined by the courts as being two or more people who are plotting or planning an activity that will involve working together to commit a crime. In the conspiracy to handle stolen goods offences, that means working together to either hiding, selling or buying handling goods that have been stolen.

The prosecution is required to provide evidence for the jury to agree that there was an ‘agreement’ between those involved to work together. The agreement may be implied or assumed, but the goal is to handle goods that have been stolen.

The actions involved may be hiding the stolen items until they aren’t quite as ‘hot’ or selling them or even being the middle person between the selling buying parties.

What happens in a case of conspiracy to handle stolen goods?

Being part of any criminal investigation can be stressful. The police are very well trained when it comes to securing convictions, and they will be putting you under significant pressure in an attempt to get you to convict yourself.

It’s for this reason that you must hire a good lawyer. Our team know that the law isn’t as simple as it could be. Our firm is set up to provide you with clear and easy to understand guidance that will take you from the initial stages of the investigation through to its conclusion.

When it comes to personal law cases, we are industry experts. Every case that we take on is thoroughly investigated so that we provide you with the best possible defence and where suitable, expert witness guidance.

Your mobile phone, social media and other communication channels are likely to be examined to collect evidence to use against you.

No doubt being involved in a situation like this can be very stressful. Therefore it will help you to engage a solicitor who has experience of handling cases like this. He or she will know what needs to be done and who to involve when it comes to creating a strong defence for you.

Of course, every case that is investigated by the police or that goes through the court system is unique, including every conspiracy to handle stolen goods case. The circumstances will be different every time, and the people involved will have a range of backgrounds and history. In some cases, people will have a criminal history.

No matter what the situation is in your case, it’s essential to speak with a lawyer who has handled other legal situations that are either conspiracy cases or conspiracy to handle stolen goods cases.

By discussing your case with a competent lawyer, you can receive guidance and advice on what you need to do to give yourself the best protection. Getting somebody on your side who understands the law will mean that you can guarantee yourself a better outcome.

Have you been falsely accused of involvement in a conspiracy to handle stolen goods offence?

Here at Stuart Miller, we quite often get hired by people who have been wrongly accused of being involved in a conspiracy to handle stolen goods case. If this sounds familiar to you, and you’re in this position, then you need to arrange to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible.

If you don’t address this rapidly, there’s a good chance that the investigation will progress to the point where the police interview you. The issue with this is that the police are trained to gain as many convictions as possible.

If you attend a police interview, you may be tricked into incriminating yourself by the questions that the police ask you. The environment will be high pressure with questions designed to get you to trip yourself up.

Frequently, a prosecution team will throw mud to find out who was involved in the offence. By hiring one of your lawyers, you’ll be supported by a legal team who has expertise in skillfully creating a defence for you. They could even potentially get the case dismissed before it reaching court.

Find out more with a lawyer

Being invited to the police station to discuss your possible involvement in a conspiracy to handle stolen goods is typical if you’re considered to be a suspect.

A popular tactic with police is to withhold some of the evidence so that they can attempt to trip you up. As you won’t know what evidence the police have, you’re quite likely to answer one of their questions wrong, and this could land you in hot water.

If you have a competent lawyer with you, they can demand to know what all the evidence is that the police have on you. This will give you some protection against the case reaching the court stage.

Instruct a legal professional as soon as possible

Under no circumstances should you attend a police interview without the help of an experienced criminal solicitor.

It’s very challenging to navigate the questions of a police team who are determined to achieve another conviction to their names. A lot of people find it an upsetting experience. The police team will go all out to try to get you to say something that will mean they have something incriminating on you.

There’s a good chance that they will charge you with conspiracy charges at the end of the interview if you go it alone. You must be accompanied by a legal professional who knows how to handle the police and understands the law.

Will the police search my home?

A search warrant is a document that can only be issued by a judge or a magistrate. The police will need to request it from the courts, and it may give them legal permission to search your home and your workplace.

The police then have the freedom to look through your paperwork, your laptop, devices and even look for communications between you and the other parties involved. You may be put under police surveillance, along with your family and friends.

Will I go to prison for conspiracy to handle stolen goods?

If you go through the court case and are found to be guilty of conspiracy to handle stolen goods, you are likely to be given a prison sentence. This is a time of worry and concern for you, your family and loved ones.

By engaging a solicitor who has experience of defending conspiracy cases or conspiracy to handle stolen goods cases, you will allow yourself to be protected by somebody who has a good chance of helping you to stay out of prison.

What is the sentence for conspiracy to handle stolen goods?

Unfortunately, the law views conspiracy cases very poorly. The legal system does not take well to the plotting and planning of crimes with others, and the same opinion stretches to conspiracy to handle stolen goods offences.

With every crime being unique, the judge will decide how they feel you should be punished based on what happened, who was involved, and what the plan was.

Read more about sentencing for Conspiracy to Handle Stolen Goods offences

What are the mitigating factors of a sentence like this?

The courts consider conspiracy to handle stolen goods as a serious crime. They will look at how you were involved, what your previous criminal history is, what your current financial position is, and whether you’re taking care of a disabled person.

All thee factors will be considered by the judge before they decide on what sentence to give you. If you don’t already have a criminal record, the sentence given to you could be more lenient.

Will you get a criminal record for a conspiracy to handle stolen goods conviction?

If you are found guilty of a conspiracy to handle stolen goods offence, then you will be handed a permanent criminal record.

What help can Stuart Miller Solicitors offer you?

Our legal team have had extensive experience in a broad range of offences, including conspiracy to handle stolen goods. In fact, we have more than thirty years of handling cases like yours.

Our clients typically hire us because they know that we have some of the best legal minds in London. These skilled and talented legal minds will be applied to your case, and this increases your chances of getting a favourable outcome.

Another factor that our clients like is that our team will stay in touch with your family to keep them updated along the way. All the different points of the legal system will be explained to you so that you know what will happen next and what your options are.

Our recent successful conspiracy cases

We have had success with many conspiracy to handle stolen goods cases.

One of the benefits of the time we’ve been established as a legal firm means that we have built up our network of forensic experts. These experts know about cell-site evidence and how to use it to enhance your defence strategy.

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