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Lawyers helped acquit a man accused of armed robbery when his DNA was traced by police.

Mr W was accused of threatening a businessman with a knife to steal his £16k Rolex watch and keys to his Ferrari.

The victim was targeted outside a friend’s house in north London while he was sitting in his luxury car with the windows partially rolled down.

Two men surrounded the car, both wielding blades, before one reached through the window and slashed at the man’s hand.

A struggle broke out and the car owner was knifed repeatedly in the arm before his watch was snatched from his wrist.

Keys to his car were also taken before the two attackers fled on foot. The victim needed 40 stitches.

Mr W was identified by police after DNA was recovered from the scene but denied any involvement.

He instructed Stuart Miller Solicitors to fight his case at a crown court trial after being charged with robbery and possession of a bladed weapon in public.

Mr W insisted he was not present at the time of the robbery and denied playing any part.

He was found not guilty of both offences and released from custody.


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