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When it comes to the offence of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, or even in any crime that involves a conspiracy, the courts don’t take it lightly. Once the prosecution can prove that those accused were acting together in the crime, and those accused are convicted, the punishment is typically harsh.

For the prosecution to prove there was an intention to commit armed robbery, they will need to collect either direct or circumstantial evidence.

If you’re being investigated and have been either charged, arrested or even invited for a police interview, there’s no doubt that you’ll be feeling somewhat concerned about what’s happening.

Now is the time to secure the professional services of a competent and experienced lawyer. You’ll need support throughout your investigation. You will also need to have a robust defence crafted and to be kept current with proceedings.

Once the police contact you or somebody has told you that you are under investigation for committing this crime, it’s vital that you immediately seek legal help. By working with skilled, experienced and determined criminal lawyers, you’ll be able to afford yourself the best possible protection against being found guilty and receiving a prison sentence.

In some cases, it may even be possible to have your case closed before it reaches court.

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Have you been charged or arrested for Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery? 

Whether it’s you or somebody else who is close to you, being charged or arrested in connection with the offence of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, is going to make you feel anxious.

Some of the cases we take on are defending people who are facing allegations of being involved, but who in reality have not. If you find yourself in a situation of this nature, it’s vital that you get your name cleared and any connection between you and the crime needs to be removed.

To provide some further understanding of the legal framework of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, we’ve put these commonly asked questions together with their answers. If you have a question that is not listed here, use our contact form, and we will provide you with further information.

It’s our role to support you in any way that we can as you go through this challenging time.

What type of actions are Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery?

The definition of the crime of conspiracy to commit armed robbery is based on two or more people agreeing to a course of action that will result in theft using a weapon.

The role of the prosecution is to gather evidence that proves that the accused were acting together with some plot or ‘agreement’ between them. The agreement might be implied or assumed, but committing armed robbery was intended.

Examples of this include:

  • Holding up a bank or other financial institution where there is cash
  • Holding up an individual at their home to gain access to jewellery, money or other valuables

There are different levels involved in any armed robbery, such as:

  1. The minimal force was used
  2. A weapon was used
  3. A weapon was used and there is a serious injury

In addition to the conspiracy part of the crime, the court will take into account what was taken or attempted to be taken, the depth of your involvement and whether there were any injuries.

What happens in a case of Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery?

Being under investigation for conspiracy to commit armed robbery can be very stressful. The accused are likely to feel nervous and anxious wondering what the outcome of the case could be. There will be concern about the level of financial support received by dependents, and how they can access it if they are convicted and penalised with imprisonment.

Being the accused in a conspiracy to commit armed robbery case is a legal situation where you need to find an experienced lawyer who has in-depth knowledge of this field.

All trials for conspiracy to commit armed robbery  are held before a judge and a jury.

Typically, there will be evidence for the court to examine. This may include surveillance camera recordings, telephone conversation evidence, fingerprints, or photographic material. There may also be evidence collected by SOCOs (Scene of Crime Officers) and other forensic findings.

Also, there will be evidence collected from social media messengers, WhatsApp or other communication methods.

Being involved in a case of this nature is stressful. The lawyer you choose to represent you must have experience of conspiracy to commit armed robbery cases and the ability to craft a robust defence.

Every conspiracy to commit armed robbery case is unique. No matter what your situation is or involvement, it’s crucial that you engage a solicitor that is skillful and gives you some peace of mind.

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Have you been falsely accused of  Conspiracy to commit armed robbery?

In some cases, people are falsely accused of conspiring to commit armed robbery. If you feel this is what is happening to you, it’s vital that you get a strong defence team to give you the support and backing that you need.

With a good lawyer, they may even be able to get your case dismissed before it reaches the court stage.

For example, it’s not uncommon for a prosecution to accuse a person with conspiracy to commit armed robbery as part of the operation to uncover who actually was involved in the crime. A robust legal team is equipped to recognise a case when it’s an exercise of mud throwing. These types of cases need to be challenged before they reach court.

Without a lawyer, you cannot find out more until the interview

If you discover that you or your loved one are under investigation as part of a conspiracy to commit armed robbery charge, you’ll typically be asked to attend an interview at the police station.

You need to know that the police are trained to secure convictions. They use different tactics to achieve their goals. One of their tactics is to not disclose the entirety of their evidence until it’s beneficial for them to do so. You are then in a position of not knowing about all the evidence they have on you. This puts you into a place of being able to incriminate yourself inadvertently, this is where the value of a good lawyer gets demonstrated.

Instruct a legal professional as soon as possible

No doubt attending a police station interview without the support of an experienced and competent criminal solicitor will put you into a potentially disastrous position.

You’ll be asked a set of very probing questions. The environment is high-pressure, and you’re likely to find it very upsetting. The purpose of the police will be to convict you. They will try to get you to incriminate yourself, while they record your responses for use in the court.

If you have a good lawyer with you, he will ask the police if they have any further evidence on you. He or she will guide you in what to say and what not to say. You’ll be in a protected position with somebody who knows the law inside out.

Can the police search my home?

As part of their investigation, the police will likely want to search your home, and possibly your workplace for evidence. They will want to see phone bill statements, any unexplained assets and money transfers. They will also be looking through all your communication devices for clues.

There is a chance that the police will even put you, your connections and your family under surveillance.

Could you go to prison for Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery?

If you’re found guilty of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, you will most likely be imprisoned. This is why it’s so important to protect your wellbeing and that of your family by hiring an experienced lawyer who is committed to winning cases.

It’s imperative that you engage a criminal solicitor or armed robber lawyer who handles conspiracy to commit armed robbery cases regularly.

What type of sentence could you get for Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery?

Conspiracy to commit armed robbery is considered to be a severe offence of law. Depending on what happened, if convicted, you may even be awarded a life sentence which will have life-long consequences. You’ll stay in prison until release which will be decided by the Parole Board, at which point you will be under licence for the rest of your life.

Read more about sentencing for Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery offences

What mitigating factors may be considered in sentencing?

When two or more people are planning or agreeing to take part in a crime, it’s considered by the courts to be a severe crime. For this, the court often hands our hefty penalties. To what extent the penalties will be will depend on your involvement, how serious the crime is and whether it was carried through or not.

The mitigating factors are also likely to be whether this is your first crime, whether you are mentally ill or very young. In these cases, you may get a less severe sentence.

Does a conviction for Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery go on your criminal record?

If your conspiracy to commit armed robbery progresses to court, and you are found guilty and convicted, you will be given a permanent criminal record.

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How Can Stuart Miller Solicitors Help?

Applying more than 30 years of experience of defending clients in many different conspiracy to commit armed robbery cases means that we provide a service that can either get your case closed or for you to get the most favourable outcome. Every one of our clients in these types of cases is given a dedicated team with the best and most experienced legal minds working on your case. You have a team that you can rely on and trust to get you the best result. The team will not only ensure that you understand what is going on at every stage of your case, but you will be updated frequently.

Why should I contact Stuart Miller Solicitors?

35 years’ experience of successfully handling conspiracy to commit armed robbery  cases

Expert lawyers who will take a proactive approach to your case and do everything possible to get this matter dropped

We will help you to get through this ordeal and understand the emotional aspects of facing a charge of conspiracy to commit armed robbery

Winners of the Modern Law Awards and have won over 10,545 cases to date

Our recent successful Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery cases

We have secured acquittals in allegations of armed robbery, conspiracy to armed robbery and conspiracy to commit bank robbery allegations.

Due to the reputation, size and expertise of our firm, we have access to a broad and highly knowledgeable network of QCs, Barristers and forensic analysts. We work together to get you the best possible outcome. In addition, we use expert witnesses such as experts in telephone and covert surveillance evidence, to ensure that no information is left out when we build the defence strategy for your case.  We will tirelessly search for evidence that will support us in securing a win in the courts. Our lawyers are determined to win and that makes all the difference.

What will happen when I instruct a lawyer?

We are proud of the dedication, vigour and pro-active defence representation we invest in Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery cases. We settle for nothing less than the best, and we do not take any chances or leave any room for complaint defending cases in which the likely sentence of imprisonment is around 30 years.

Would you like to discuss your case prior to engaging our services?  

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