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Conspiracy to kidnap is a severe offence of English law. It’s when there is an agreement to act together to kidnap a person or persons.

To prove guilt in a conspiracy to kidnap offence to a judge and jury, it’s the role of the prosecution team to show that those accused were acting together, in an express or implied or assumed ‘agreement’.

The law in the UK does not look at any conspiracy offence kindly. It’s an offence that the courts are looking to discourage and therefore, the penalty for being convicted can be harsh.

Kidnap is a crime that is considered to be very serious, and if it’s tied to conspiracy, that can lead to severe penalties. Working with lawyers who have experience in conspiracy cases or conspiracy to kidnap instances can provide you with better protection.

Unless you have had education in the subject, the law of the UK can be very complicated. Many facets tie into each other and can make your case go either way in the courtroom. Hiring a competent lawyer who knows how the law works and how it can be applied to favour your outcome can make all the difference.

Most people hire a lawyer as soon as they find out that the police are interested in speaking with them. The initial police interview is an opportunity for the police to trick you into being arrested. By taking a lawyer to this first interview, it can be possible to save yourself having to reach the court stage.

Have you been charged or arrested with Conspiracy to Kidnap? 

Being arrested or charged with conspiracy to kidnap can be very frightening. Most people are concerned about what may happen after this first step. Those involved will wonder whether this could lead to a court case and result in being found guilty and being handed a sentence.

We are frequently contacted by people who are being accused of conspiracy to kidnap but who in reality, are entirely innocent. It’s a common practice of the police to throw mud at people. The purpose of this is to find out who else was involved in an offence if they don’t have enough information.

If you have been accused of being involved in a conspiracy to kidnap case, but you know that you were not involved, it’s vital that you get in touch with a lawyer immediately.

There’s a good chance that a skilful solicitor can get the case dismissed and your name cleared before it reaches the court stage.

If you find yourself in this situation, then get in touch to find out what your options are. Either call us on 0208 888 5225 or use our contact form and we will provide you with some answers.

Our goal is to provide you with support in whichever way we can so that you get the best outcome from your situation.

What might happen in a conspiracy to kidnap case?

The police will begin their investigation by inviting you to the police station for an interview. No matter how the police try to communicate with you, you mustn’t speak with them without taking the advice of a legal professional.

What most people don’t realise is that the goal of the police is to secure convictions. They will be determined to find people who are guilty of a crime so that they can be rewarded for their excellent performance at work.

If you are under investigation for a conspiracy to kidnap offence, you’re going to find it very stressful. The police will come across as intimidating, and if you have dependents, you’ll be worried about how the outcome could affect their wellbeing.

The police will be keen to interview you. However, if the police have any evidence on you, it will be withheld if possible. The goal will be for the police to try to get you to trip yourself up and provide more evidence for a potential court case.

Taking a legal professional with you to the interview can open more doors for you. For example, the lawyer can demand to be shown or told about all the evidence that the police have on you. This action won’t be possible if you attend the interview alone.

Your assigned lawyer will also advise you on what to say and what not to say so that you give yourself the best chance of a better outcome.

Part of the police’s investigation may be a thorough search of your phone, laptop and phone bills. They will be looking to see who you have communicated with and when. They will also want to know if you’ve used your laptop to perform any searches that are relevant to the case.

Every court case is unique and has different circumstances. This uniqueness also extends to every conspiracy to kidnap case. There will be different people involved and a variety of different situations.

Hiring a good lawyer will provide you with the best defence so that you can get the best possible outcome. You’ll ideally hire somebody who has already defended people who have been accused of conspiracy to kidnap. A lawyer who has experience of supporting in this offence will already know much about the legal aspects of the crime and is more likely to find the best path forward for you when it comes to defence.

Have you been wrongly accused of conspiracy to kidnap?

We are frequently contacted by people who have are being wrongly accused of involvement in a conspiracy to kidnap case. In these types of situations, we will get a strong defence team on the case so that the client has enough support to get their name cleared and unlinked from the crime.

It’s critical to get a case dismissed so that it’s not necessary to attend court.

The issue with attending court is that there is a chance of being found guilty even if you’re not. Sometimes there’s potential for a case to go the wrong way and if you have had no involvement, it would be a regrettable outcome to secure.

Find out more at the police interview

Attending a police interview can be stressful. The police are known for wanting to intimidate interviewees and turn up the pressure. If you are invited to the police station for a ‘chat’, you mustn’t go without being accompanied by a competent lawyer.

By not revealing all that they know about the offence that you’re accused of being involved in, the police will try to keep the upper hand. However, you can gain the upper hand by taking a lawyer along with you.

The benefit of having a lawyer with you is understandable. A lawyer has the right to demand to know about any evidence that the police have on you.

Instruct an experienced lawyer as soon as possible

As soon as you find out that the police want to interview you or have a ‘chat’ with you, then it’s imperative to make contact with a legal professional. Ideally, the lawyer will have experience of defending other conspiracies to kidnap cases.

In the police interview room, there will be very probing questions that are designed to be difficult for you to navigate safely. Most people find this type of situation upsetting and in some cases, disturbing.

The goal of the police is to gain a conviction when you’re found guilty in the courtroom. There’s no doubt that the police will go all out to try to get you into court so that you can be found guilty and sentenced. If you don’t have a lawyer with you, you may even be charged with conspiracy to kidnap at the end of the interview.

Will the police search my home?

For the police to be able to convince a judge and jury that you’re guilty of a conspiracy to kidnap offence, they will need to find evidence of your involvement. A method used by the police to collect this evidence is to search for it in your home or workplace.

To gain legal permission to search your property, a request will be put into a magistrate or a judge. Once authorisation is issued in the form of a search warrant, your phone, laptop, messages and other items will be examined by the police. You may even find yourself and your family put under police surveillance as they seek further evidence.

Could you go to prison for conspiracy to kidnap?

Being found guilty of conspiracy to kidnap, can often mean being handed a prison sentence. Anybody who finds themselves in court will, of course, be anxious. It’s possible to give yourself a better chance of staying out of prison if you hire a lawyer who knows this legal field exceptionally well.

Hiring a criminal solicitor who has experience of defending conspiracy kidnap cases can make all the difference in terms of whether you’ll need to go to prison.

What sentence is given for conspiracy to kidnap?

Considered to be a serious crime, conspiracy to kidnap offenders will typically receive a sentence that reflects what happened in the misdemeanour. Those who already have a criminal record are likely to receive a more severe punishment than those who are first-time offenders.

Your situation can also affect what sentence you’re given.

Read more about sentencing for Conspiracy to Kidnap offences

What may mitigating factors be when considering sentencing?

The law does not treat those who offend with conspiracy to kidnap cases kindly. It’s possible to get hefty prison sentences with years in double figures. However, under certain circumstances, the judge may be slightly more generous.

Your involvement, what was planned and who said what and did what will all be considered.

Does a conspiracy to kidnap conviction mean a criminal record?

If your conspiracy to kidnap case progresses to court, and you are found guilty and convicted, you will be given a permanent criminal record.

Stuart Miller Solicitors can help you

Our legal team at Stuart Miller Solicitors have had more than three decades of experience in defending conspiracy to kidnap cases. The amount of time that we’ve been examining all angles of a variety of different cases means that we have a good understanding of the myriad approaches that can be taken.

Giving you the best possible defence strategy is our primary goal.

Three decades of finding and working with the best expert witnesses is reflected in our successes, and we have secured acquittals.

The size and combined network of our legal team mean that we have access to some of the very best QCs, forensic analysts and barristers. This is what makes all the difference when it comes to securing the most favourable outcomes.

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