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Conspiracy to produce cannabis is an offence that the courts take seriously. If you’ve been accused of being involved in a case of this nature, you will understandably be feeling very concerned. If you’re found guilty and convicted, you could be handed a prison sentence.

Specifically, the legal definition of ‘conspiracy to produce cannabis’ is when two or more people plan to carry out the growing of cannabis which is a criminal offence. The actions agreed on in the plot don’t even need to be illegal. For a prosecution to take place, the activities just need to be part of the plan to commit the crime, and they don’t need to have occurred.

The law comes down hard on those suspected of involvement with the supply of drugs, as it’s not a behaviour that the government want to be established. It’s something that is deemed to be damaging to society, even in these modern times.

The outcome of any charges will be dependent on what the circumstances of your case are and the strength of your defence. You must seek guidance from legal representatives who have specialist knowledge of this area of law.

Have you been charged or arrested for conspiracy to produce cannabis?   

You will typically be feeling worried, confused and stressed if you’ve been charged or arrested in connection to a conspiracy to produce cannabis case. Wondering what’s going to happen next will be of great concern to you.

You may even have been falsely accused of being involved in a conspiracy to produce cannabis case. In which case, it’s essential that you get your name cleared and all links to the offence removed.

We’ve put together some answers in this article so that you can understand what is typical of a case of this nature in terms of being questioned and trialed.

What type of actions are classified as conspiracy to produce cannabis?

The word ‘conspiracy’ is interpreted widely in English law. Not being a term that is defined by legislation means that it’s open to interpretation, and this can be applied in different ways. Even being in the wrong place at the wrong time may get you accused of ‘conspiring’ to commit an offence.

Here are some examples of conspiracy to produce cannabis that may have led to the situation that you or your loved one now find themselves in.

The actions of conspirators that can result in prosecution include:

Offering to plant the seeds – although handling seeds is not criminal, planting and nurturing them is.

Being involved in planning the crime – even if you’ve not got a role to play, the mere act of planning the crime could see you charged with conspiracy.

Agreeing to participation in the deal – this includes agreement to nurturing the plants and caring for them, harvesting them or drying them.

You don’t even need to start growing cannabis for you to be prosecuted for conspiracy to produce cannabis. Therefore, it’s essential to seek expert legal advice immediately.

What occurs during an investigation into a conspiracy to produce cannabis case?

Anybody who is being accused of any offence is going to find the situation uncomfortable. A conspiracy to produce cannabis investigation is very similar to any other police investigation into an offence.

The person who is being accused of this crime will feel anxious. Typically the first thing that will happen is that you’ll be informed by the police that you’re under suspicion and you may be asked to attend a police interview at your local police station.

At the interview, there will be at least two police officers who will ask you a lot of questions. The meeting will be recorded so that anything that you say can be used against you in the trial.

The best way to handle any communications with the police is to hire a lawyer to represent you. The lawyer will guide you on how to handle any communications. What you say and don’t say is very important with regards to the outcome of any court case.

Being falsely accused of conspiracy to produce cannabis

In law, the term ‘conspiracy’ is interchangeable with the word ‘agreement’. People from all walks of life can be accused of the crime of conspiracy to produce cannabis. If you find yourself being part of a digital conversation about growing cannabis which is also known as marijuana, you could be putting yourself in danger of being accused.

What is required to convict you of Conspiracy to produce cannabis?

If the prosecution can find enough evidence on you with regards to you being part of a plot to produce cannabis, they may be able to convince a judge or jury to convict you.

Any good lawyer will tell you that it’s vital that you take the advice of a criminal solicitor so that you protect yourself. A legal professional who has experience will construct a strong defence for you, which may get you removed from any investigation or court case.

The prosecutors, in any case, will be looking for evidence that links you to fellow conspirators. They will be looking for social media messages, telephone calls and text messages. There’s a chance that you will have been under surveillance and there could be audio recorded on listening devices.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, you must get a good lawyer who can not only provide you with a good defence but also guide you on what to say when in the presence of the police.

Hire a lawyer as soon as possible

As soon as you find out that you have been identified as having a connection to a conspiracy to produce cannabis case, it’s imperative for you to hire a criminal solicitor.

What worries most people in this situation is that if you don’t hire a good lawyer, any court case may result in a conviction and you being given a penalty. The penalty may be community service, or in some cases, it may even be time spent in prison.

For those with dependents, being given a prison sentence will be particularly concerning as they may not be able to earn income to provide for their family. Anybody who is convicted may also be given a criminal record.

Have you been charged or arrested with Conspiracy to produce cannabis?

Being either charged or arrested in connection with a conspiracy to produce cannabis case can put you into a challenging position. You’re bound to be feeling stressed and worried.

You may have already had a police interview, or perhaps the police have come to your home and arrested you.

However, if you’d like the pressure to be alleviated then take on a good lawyer. With legalities changing regularly, you need somebody who stays on top of the latest legislature. Ideally, they will have represented many others in this same offence, so that they know what has worked for others in terms of getting them off the case.

Accessing specialist advice from criminal defence experts can give you the peace of mind you’re seeking. Skilled legal professionals can support you throughout the entire process, which will mean you can get the best possible outcome.

People who already have a drug offence to their name may be handed a more severe penalty. The prosecution team will be trying to convince the jury of your guilt, but a strong defence team will be able to refute that.

Will my home be searched by the police?

A primary goal of the police is to get offenders convicted. To support the police in achieving this goal, they will need to uncover evidence that they can use in court to convince the jury of your guilt.

A search warrant will be requested from the courts, and this will be used to go through your belongings to find evidence that you’re part of a plot to produce cannabis with one or more others.

Will my assets be frozen?

Depending on what happened, there’s a chance that your assets may be frozen as part of the investigation. This is also known as a Restraint Order. A restraint order can severely impact a family. The mortgage and rent may not be paid, and in some cases, there may not be funds for other essentials such as food.

A lawyer can support you at this time by either challenging the validity of the Restraint Order or asking to have it varied so that you have access to more of your own money, and in some cases even dismissed.

What’s the sentence for conspiracy to produce cannabis?

If you are convicted, the sentence for conspiracy to produce cannabis could be harsh. It depends on what the circumstances are. You may get a community service penalty, a fine or you may be given a prison sentence.

Read more about sentencing for Conspiracy to Produce Cannabis offences

What will be considered in sentencing?

The Sentencing Council Drugs Offences Definitive Guidelines is used to guide the judge on what sentence to give you. In addition, the amount of drugs involved, the role you played, and whether you have previously been involved in other offences will all be considered.

Does conviction for conspiracy to produce cannabis send you to jail?

If you are found to be guilty of this offence, there is a chance that you may be given a prison sentence. It depends on what happened, what your involvement was, how much cannabis was involved, and how much money it would be worth.

In addition to being handed a prison sentence, you may be given a fine.

Does a conviction for conspiracy to produce cannabis go on your criminal record?

If your case progresses to court and you are convicted of conspiracy to produce cannabis, you will be given a permanent criminal record.

What can Stuart Miller Solicitors do to help?

Here at Stuart Miller Solicitors, we’ve been defending in conspiracy to produce cannabis offences for years. The benefit of hiring legal professionals with deep experience is that they have specialist expertise in this legal area, and this can mitigate the outcome of your case.

What makes us different is that we operate together as a team, so you’ll not just have one lawyer on your case. You’ll have the attention of some of the best legal minds in the country, looking for the best way to defend you. We also have access to some of the best forensic analysts in the country, which we will call on to strengthen our arguments.

Being correctly legally represented makes all the difference to any case. Right the way through from the initial police communications through to any potential court case, you can rest assured that you’ll get better results.

Our solicitors know the law inside out and stay current with any changes to the 1971 Act and drug-related laws.

What will happen when I hire a drugs conspiracy lawyer?

The first time you hear that you could be under investigation is the best time to instruct a lawyer to represent you. Being part of a conspiracy to produce cannabis case can be very worrying. If you don’t have a legal background, you’re likely to find it all very complicated and won’t know where to start with defending yourself.

Having handled many cases of conspiracy to produce cannabis and other drug conspiracy cases, we know the way to protect you so that you get the best possible outcome.

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