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A man linked to a crystal meth production line likened to the TV series Breaking Bad was acquitted after hiring Stuart Miller Solicitors.

Mr G was accused of being a key player in a drugs ring orchestrated by 78-year-old cancer-stricken pensioner, Mr R.

Netflix hit Breaking Bad is about a teacher who makes crystal meth to raise money after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Mr G was among a string of suspects rounded up by police and put on trial charged with conspiracy to produce and supply drugs.

He instructed Stuart Miller Solicitors to fight his innocence and vehemently denied involvement.

Mr G claimed he knew Mr R through “legitimate business interests” and had no knowledge of the drugs enterprise.

A spokesman said: “Whenever he spoke to Mr R, in person or on the phone, he would be talking about all sorts of different money-making ideas.

“Mr G did not pay much attention to a lot of what Mr R said as he thought much of it was bragging and bigging himself up and some of it he put down to Mr R being unwell.

“If Mr R did ever refer to supplying and/or producing controlled drugs in his presence, Mr G never took it seriously and certainly never intended to involve himself in such an enterprise.

“None of the items recovered from his home were in any way related to a conspiracy to produce controlled drugs.”

Eight other gang members were convicted following a three-month trial at Bristol Crown Court and were jailed for between four years and 18 years.


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