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A car passenger who found himself in court when cops found 150 class A wraps in the boot was acquitted after hiring Stuart Miller Solicitors.

 Mr A was charged with possessing drugs with intent to supply after plain-clothes officers unearthed the haul.

Prosecutors claimed he, and two other men, were driving to Hertfordshire to sell heroin and crack cocaine.

But Mr A  maintained throughout that he was simply a passenger in the car – and that he had no involvement with the drugs.

Stuart Miller Solicitors put together a defence case which outlined how police had no forensic or telephone evidence linking Mr A to the illicit drugs.

The police were also unable to link mobile phones seized at the scene – which contained drugs messages – to Mr A.

A spokesman for the London firm said: “Our client was represented at trial by counsel, Charlotte Yarrow, of Furnival Chambers.

“Ms Yarrow was able to persuade the jury that the evidence against our client was weak and that they should acquit based on the lack of evidence.”

After a two week trial, jurors unanimously acquitted Mr A of the charges. The jury convicted the two other defendants.


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