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Police arrested our client after the struggles of the Covid-19 lockdown caused him to lose his job, leaving him with no income to support a growing class B drug habit.

Mr C was arrested by plainclothes police men in an unmarked police car on patrol as part of Operation Radium in the summer of 2020, just months after the beginning of the Covid-19 Lockdown.

The police alleged that our client was sitting on a wall on a road that is well known to the police for alleged drug dealing activities.

Upon seeing a dark car and two men that he didn’t know emerge from a car and approach him, our client ran away.

Mr C sourced the assistance, advice, and representation of Stuart Miller Solicitors after he was found to be allegedly in possession of a supposed Nokia “burner phone”, reportedly £450 in cash and a large plastic bag containing 20 snap bags of herbal Cannabis.

After the arrest of our client, the phone found in the police’s search was analysed and messages suggesting drug supply activity were allegedly found.

A further “section 18” search was conducted on Mr C’s home, where a set of scales with traces of Cannabis, two more snap bags containing herbal Cannabis, a wrap of herbal cannabis and two wraps of cannabis resin were also found.

Mr C was met at Enfield police station by our senior police station representative and was advised to make a “No Comment” interview.

Our client was charged with 4 counts of drug offences including possession with the intent to supply a controlled drug of class B, namely Cannabis flower, possession with the intent to supply a controlled drug of class B, namely Cannabis resin, acquiring, using or possession of criminal property and being concerned in the supply of a controlled drug of Class B, Cannabis.

At Mr C’s Highbury Corner Magistrates Court appearance, our tenacious defence solicitor made representations to the Court that the charges against our client were “duplicitous”, and dates included in the police’s disclosure were false and needed to be amended.


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