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When our client Miss F was charged with two counts of Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs, cocaine and MDMA, she was frightened and worried about what the outcome of her case could possibly be.

During an investigation, our client’s husband was witnessed having a conversation with a co-defendant outside our client’s home and entering together. Shortly after, our client’s husband was witnessed leaving the home with a wheeled suitcase, loading it into a van and beginning to drive.

The police subsequently followed our client’s husband and seized the suitcase.

Upon a search, a considerable amount of suspected class A drugs were discovered in the suitcase.

Forensics examined the contents of the suitcase on behalf of the police, and it was suspected to contain over 12kg of Cocaine.

This seizure of cocaine was estimated to be worth approximately £500,000.

As a result of this discovery, our client and our client’s husband were subsequently arrested.

Following their arrests, a Section 8 warrant was executed on our client and her husband’s home, including their master bedroom.

The mattress of a bed in the home was lifted during this extensive search. This resulted in the discovery of a large storage facility containing a clear plastic bag filled with white powder.

Upon testing by forensics, the white powder discovered in the storage facility under the bed was discovered to be a positive match for Cocaine.

The total weight of the cocaine discovered and seized in this operation amounted to just under half a kilogram in total.

If sentenced and convicted of Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs, Miss F was facing a life prison sentence.

Our client Miss F secured the representation of Stuart Miller Solicitors when she was charged with two counts of conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

Miss F instructed us that she had no knowledge of the cocaine in the suitcase seized by the police in her husband’s possession. She also had no knowledge of the cocaine located in their shared home.

Our dedicated and experienced criminal defence team set about immediately determining the veracity of the evidence the prosecution and police had against Miss F.

This was particularly pertaining to the discovery of messages on our client’s phone that allegedly referred to drugs and drug dealing.

Our client instructed us and maintained that she had no messages on her phone that would suggest she had any knowledge of drugs and drug dealing.

Following the expert case management conducted by Sophie Lalaoui and Abu Kibla and further to the enquiries made by the Crown Prosecution Service, they offered no evidence in our client’s case.

The judge rendered a verdict of Not Guilty for our client.

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