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Our client, Mr. M was charged with multiple counts of possession with intent to supply class A and class B drugs. Thanks to a determined, empathetic legal defence, our defence solicitors successfully ensured that our client avoided prison time, and was able to rebuild his life.

Mr. M was a young adult who suffered a family tragedy, when his father passed away. Young and struggling for amoney, Mr. M was at odds on what to do. Though the police initially arrested him for failing to stop at a red light while on a bicycle, the police search showed that Mr. M was carrying class A and class B drugs. A further search of his home resulted in him being charged with possession with intent to supply Class A and class B drugs, along with possessing criminal property. Mr M then contacted us to help.   

After contacting us regarding charges of possession with intent to supply and possessing criminal property, our defence solicitors immediately launched their own legal investigation to ensure that the initial arrest, the search, and the resulting charges were properly followed, and to ensure that our client’s rights were not violated during the arrest. Our defence s closely analyzed all the evidence submitted by the police and prosecution – including CCTV footage and body-worn footage. Furthermore, our defence solicitors consulted with our client’s friends and family members, and obtained character references from employers, high school advisers, and college friends to prove our client’s good character. 


During the trial, our drug solicitors submitted an impassioned, empathetic defense that highlighted our client’s trauma from having lost his father at a young age, his struggle with finances, and the pressures that led to his involvement in possession with intent to supply and possessing criminal property. Despite these circumstances, multiple character references proved that he was a good, hard worker and was remorseful over his actions. 

Moved by our empathetic defense, the judge passed a suspended sentence and issued a community order instead. This decision was crucial for our client, who faced charges of possession with intent to supply and possessing criminal property, allowing him to avoid jail time. Instead, he gained the opportunity to contribute positively to society and rebuild his life rather than facing the severe consequences of imprisonment. 

Finding yourself at the mercy of police officers, and of the court, can be extremely daunting. Merely pleading guilty without legal advice may not help, and you might still find yourself in prison for it. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us now. We’re here to help defend your rights and protect your interests.
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