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Despite our client being present at the scene of the crime when arrests were conducted, our defence lawyers definitively proved that our client was innocent, and this was a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Mr. H was living with a tough financial situation, and was living in a one-bedroom apartment with a squatter, who often brought ‘friends’ home and used the house as his own, and as a place to consume drugs. Despite this, Mr. H stayed away from this, and merely used his house as a place to sleep.
One evening, he returned home and immediately went to the bathroom. Less than 5 minutes in, he was arrested – along with everyone else in the house – as the police had burst in and arrested everyone for possession of Class A drugs and aiding an offender.  

Upon contacting us, our defence lawyers immediately sprang into action to ascertain the complicated scenario of what occurred in the house, and who is actually liable. As there were 5 or more individuals in the house, our client got swept up and was jointly arrested, despite being wholly innocent. Our defence solicitors thoroughly and meticulously investigated all the evidence, including interview recordings and body-worn footage taken during the arrest. After speaking to all the witnesses, other arrested parties, and our client’s friends and family, Stuart Miller’s defence lawyers formulated a legal strategy that uncovered the truth and definitively proved our client’s innocence of drugs possession and assisting an offender, showing that this was an unfortunate situation of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that Mr. H did not actually commit any crimes. 

After submitting overwhelming evidence that proved our client’s innocence, the prosecution was forced to concede and admit that they had no evidence against our client. This resulted in the judge dropping the drugs possession & assisting offender charges, effectively acquitting our client and declaring his innocence.  

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