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In a case of modern-day slavery, our client, manipulated by gang members, faced serious drug-related charges. Through diligent evidence collection and highlighting his victimization, our defence lawyers successfully argued for the discontinuation of the case, demonstrating our commitment to protecting vulnerable individuals.

In a traumatic case of modern-day slavery, our client, a young man, found himself embroiled in drug dealing, manipulated by gang members. He faced serious charges, including possession with intent to supply a controlled drug of Class A and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place. However, the story is far more complex. Our client was a victim, ensnared by gangs with no support from anywhere, completely isolated with no one to turn to for help. Forced into drug dealing, he was often sent to dangerous locations, leaving his parents in constant fear for his whereabouts. 

Our client’s personal circumstances were deeply troubling. At a young age, he was lured by gang members who exploited his vulnerability. He found himself trapped in a dangerous world, unable to escape due to constant threats from his exploiters. His daily life was fraught with danger, not only from law enforcement but also from rival gang members. To protect himself from the constant threat of violence, he was compelled by his gang leaders to carry a knife, leading to a charge of possession of an offensive weapon. This was a desperate measure to ensure his safety and to avoid severe repercussions from his own gang if he lost the drugs he was forced to carry, resulting in a charge of possession with intent to supply. Our experienced defence lawyers and criminal defence solicitors are dedicated to handling such complex cases with the utmost care and professionalism. 

Our defence lawyers diligently collected evidence with a focus on proving that our client was victimised. As experienced defence lawyers, we made representations to the Crown, urging them to review the case of possession with intent to supply and possession of an offensive weapon. Key to our argument, as criminal defence solicitors, was the conclusive grounds indicating that our client was indeed a victim of modern-day slavery. We also highlighted his personal circumstances, including an incident where the police found him after he had run away from home, further demonstrating his dire situation and lack of options. 

We argued that it was not in the interests of justice to pursue the case to trial. Ultimately, the case was discontinued, and our client was freed from the charges that had loomed over him. 

This case is a testament to our firm’s dedication to justice and our expertise in handling complex criminal defence cases. Our successful defence of this young man reaffirms our commitment to protecting the rights of those who are exploited and vulnerable. If you or a loved one is facing similar charges, contact us now.  

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